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Homage to Sopie by BlueMeander
7 58.33%
Romany Wagon by MellyMonkey
1 8.33%
Toy Shop Window by Extraevildave
4 33.33%
Total 12 vote(s) 100%
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VOTING IS OPEN! Choose your favorite submission by August 26

Please post your final entries to the Miniature in Miniature Competition in this thread.

Be sure to give yourself enough time before the close of the competition in case there are any issues posting. This thread will be LOCKED at the end of the day, Friday August 21st. 2 days & 1 hours

No entries will be added in after the deadline, no matter what the cause of the delay. Note that voters will be judging the presentation of your work as well as the work itself. Final entries should be entered with photos that are large, crisp, and well lit. Members will be allowed a maximum of 5 photos per entry. Competition submissions also require a brief description of the materials used, completed size, intended final purpose and a link to your WIP thread.

Observers are encouraged to give comments & critiques in the user's WIP thread in an effort to keep this thread organized with submissions only. Voting will be open for 5 days after the entry deadline. Good luck!
Hiya-- this is made with primarily paper board and wood with the interior pieces also including bits like glass, polymer clay, paper, wool, raffia, silk, feathers, and metal. The terrain is made with a watercolor backdrop that's accented with real and resin rocks, foam bushes, preserved moss, and foam turf. The base and buildings are made of insulation foam. The water is resin and the clouds and train smoke are polyfill.

The WIP post is here: http://www.terragenesis.uk/showthread.php?tid=388&pid=2383#pid2383

The piece is an artistic interpretation of the interior of Sophie's millinery studio from Miyazaki animated adaptation of Diana Wynne Jones' "Howl's Moving Castle" and is a diorama piece. The interior is approximately 1:12 scale and captures the scene early in the movie when Sophie stays late to finish working on a pink hat when her coworkers leave. She looks out at the city as the train goes by and blackens her window, and then catches her first sight of How's moving castle, walking across the distant hills. The view out the window is the miniature within a miniature aspect of the piece. It comprises of a train track and green engine, bridge, city alley, country hills, farmhouse, and distant mountain-- though admittedly it takes lots of peeking around out the window at many angles to see all those details. It's appx. 1:144 or railroad "N" scale (according to the internet when I looked that stuff up.) The interior is semi-affixed, with some pieces removable for use, including working scissors and working drawers that are each filled with millinery supplies.

[Image: IMG_2228.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2227.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2222.jpg]

[Image: ii.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2226.jpg]

Heart Heart (Because of COURSE I did.) Woo! Thanks for looking. : )
Romany Wagon

Most of this build was made from sheets of balsa wood. The roof was made from postcard paper with shingles that are from pine cone petals. The wagon wheels were purchased along with the crystal ball. Inside the crystal ball, is a grim reaper sculpted out of oven-bake clay that stands about 3/8" tall. The size of the base is 6"x6" and the wagon is about 3" from the table top. Here is my WIP thread. I didn't get to spend as much time on this as I would have liked and I don't actually feel like this is finished, but I wanted to have something to enter for the comp. Tongue

[Image: SFTfP3.jpg]
[Image: kjPgUD.jpg]
[Image: ZyqS7V.jpg]
[Image: pAwkPc.jpg]
Simon & Marcy's Toy Shop

For this competition I decided to create a 28mm scale shop front of an Art Deco style toy store with a display window containing a train set display.
The main construction materials were 5mm foam board for the walls, heavy plastic packaging for the windows and various types of card for a lot of the detailing, all based on 5mm cork tile. The stone blocks around the base are a textured home decoration adhesive sheet.

[Image: 20736787106_52c6973f9e_c.jpg]

[Image: 20575070570_eb21e4d95b_c.jpg]

The door is layered card, plastic packaging and dress making pins with the ends removed and the side windows and entryway tiles were printed in a typical Art Deco style pattern.

[Image: 20769989941_c0305f7c83_c.jpg]

The plush toys were cut from the ends of some swizzle sticks/plastic skewers and painted.  The boxed train sets, toys and games were printed, cut out and glued around layered card cores.  The train set layout was made from an assortment of plastic sprue parts, balsa wood, card and assorted flock and scatter material glued to a printed base.  The rather ugly F7 diesel train was carved from plastic sheeting and sprues (and scales to about 1:2400).  Finally some old advertising posters were glued to the interior walls to add a bit of extra colour.  
[Image: 20575098618_3ee020fbae_c.jpg]

To get a better lit shot of the interior, without the window reflections I got on a lot of photos, I removed the roof and shone a desk lamp down into the shop (now I want to retrofit the whole thing with some LED lighting).

[Image: 20576304849_bcd8292239_c.jpg]

This shop and foot path are the first part of a much larger project to create a modular row of building frontages to line the edges of an urban gaming table and define the area of play while limiting the possible entry and exit points and not taking up too much space on the gaming table.
The entire building measures 150mm wide, 85mm tall from the base to the highest point and 45mm deep plus 30mm of footpath.  
WIP Link
OK, I went from fearing there wouldn't be any entries in this comp to literally not being able to decide which of the three is more awesome in the space of like a week. Fantastic work from everyone! I'll post more detailed feedback tomorrow. Maybe that will help me decide!
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