Modular Fence System
These are awesome. Looking at them makes me wish I played Warhammer lol. One thing I would have done is add some static grass. But the fact you didn't really makes no difference at how awesome they are.
(06-28-2016, 01:54 PM)Arkadine Wrote: These are awesome.

Thank you Big Grin

(06-28-2016, 01:54 PM)Arkadine Wrote: One thing I would have done is add some static grass.

That is what all the green Areas will get when the painting is done Smile
Ah ha!!!!! There you go then!!!! Rolleyes
I assumed that you would grass over the green areas... should look pretty good when it's done.
As the year draws to a close, I am a bit shocked concerning the number of open projects I have (like every year), and especially this one as it is 1.5 years old... time to finish it.

I painted the rest of the sections, the edge sections were the last to be done.

[Image: IMG_20161217_121731.jpg]

I then started to apply the grass. It will not be one sort all over, but at least one additional one to my standard base grass. The first I applied is Ziterdes 12133 Alpine Meadow. It has some darker green sand in it as well as light brown rocks.

[Image: IMG_20161217_143421.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20161217_190538.jpg]
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Just in time for the year end - done Smile

I covered all the green area thickly in grass. To stop the constant rain of blades of grass, I flooded the grass areas with wall paint primer. This hardens them and acts kind of like a glue that soaks into the greenery.

As a final step, I added some creepers to a couple of sections.

[Image: IMG_20161231_134458.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20161231_153301.jpg]

And here they are done, in their storage box, and a couple set up as an example.

[Image: IMG_20161231_153511.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20161231_153625.jpg]
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Looks great!
Very nice set! Your coloring & texture on the wood is excellent.
Thank you Big Grin
These turned out really nicely!

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