Convertible Cemetery/Orchard
At last, inspiration strikes! I've been struggling with what to do for this one, and then this morning in the shower (from where all my good ideas originate), I had an idea!

So my concept is as follows: an enclosure surrounded by a low stone wall. Inside, I'll make some removable stands containing either tombstones or trees. This will allow me to switch what I'm using the piece as, as well as allow me to move the contents around in order to make it easier to place the minis amongst the terrain. I am intending this for 15mm ACW, so the troops are on roughly 1" x 1" bases.

I'd include concept sketches, but there's no time!

Orchard or Cemetery - literally life or death! And with only 8 days left, it's do or die!
(06-13-2015, 09:31 AM)Munin Wrote: Orchard or Cemetery - literally life or death! And with only 8 days left, it's do or die!

That is perfect. Convertible, swap-able terrain and you tap both themes! 

Good luck! I like the idea so far.
OK, I started working on this Saturday and have made some progress. First, I made a base of the size I wanted, with both a base (medium thickness sheet styrene) and a metal plate (very thin sheet metal for ventilation ducts). The metal plate was affixed to the base, like so:
[Image: nyjvbHKrccv4vs4ic302H6j6wiX9ENvgU_HtLLDH...40-h480-no]

Here you can also see the foam I'm using for my stone walls, one of which has already been inscribed and textured (using the trusty "Ball O' Tinfoil" method).

Aside - The reason I'm using a thin metal plate here is because all of my tiny trees have magnets in the bases, like so:
[Image: yOttOe7SKab8KS_ByOoyWLvjL0JzWtaoGG9Pqu9s...40-h480-no]

This allows you to move/remove the trees freely in the terrain piece, but keeps them from getting knocked over all the time as you move minis about.

I've also started cutting headstones out of thin styrene sheet, affixing them to 1" squares of the same sheet, like so:
[Image: hIRt6L8HQjkZEW-TGcW-0yLPhV8M-ZreK28JfQBO...40-h480-no]

Because this terrain is intended for 15mm ACW games (where the units are comprised of a bunch of stands of troops, typically with bases on the order of 1" square), I want to be able to move the tombstones around within the terrain piece such that a unit could actually occupy the piece at ground level (instead of being perched precariously on top of the tombstones). So as a unit moves around within the piece, you can simply move the headstones around as needed.

As you can see here, the walls are now affixed and base-coated dark gray. I have started picking out individual stones with browns and greens prior to dry-brushing and washing - no GWSWGG for me!

I've been having fun cutting out tiny headstones, and I'm trying to make the period appropriate - tombstones used to be a pretty no-frills affair, not nearly as elaborate as they are now, but they still had some interesting shapes (though family plot marker monuments could be pretty impressive affairs). They also tended to be much thinner and lack bases, and as such were more likely to lean at odd angles (or fall over entirely) than more modern grave markers.  I'll do a bunch more tonight, as well as maybe a mausoleum.

More pics as I have time.
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Looks good. The tombstones may be basic but you've added enough variety to make it interesting.
Yeah, I'm hoping to vary the tombstones somewhat in the use of color and weathering.

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