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8 days into the project - It has an official name.

The Itapeaque Trading Post - DAY 8

Progress has been made on building one (AKA Rupknells Books - Purveyor of mystical and magical tomes) - though when you have limited time for glue and paint to dry - you have to begin the next part.

[Image: 30809119727_847fe80754.jpg][Image: 43931483620_57437ba7f2.jpg]
[Image: 45024171684_9e28b45cbe.jpg][Image: 43931485360_63b1cce007.jpg] [Image: 31877371888_9d85c2bc77_c.jpg]

Waiting for the fur to stick before trying to comb it into position is time consuming and so I have begun the next build.
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Ooooh, I like the carved posts!
The Itapeaque Trading Post - DAY 9

Every-time we get together to play a game - I like to have one new piece of terrain on the table.

For this campaign, I had intended to take a break from that rule, so that I can focus on getting everything ready for the finale.

Yet somehow I've managed to still add something every time we play. Small things. A few new jungle stands here and there. Some objective markers a few treasure tokens.  

So last week one of my players stole a ship. They stole it from a crew of zombie pirates and sailed out to sea. I decided that this was a brash move - which needed to be punished.

One of the new elements I am adding with the Itapeaque Trading Post is the Church of Tor. A militant religious order. I knew they would be seafaring and there will be docks and boats on the completed board - so I decided to introduce them early. They will sail in as pirate hunters eager to bring justice to all who sail a pirate banner.

So - I needed a ship.


like.... 48 hours.

Luckily Jeremy, of Black Magic Craft provided a set of simple templates for making something nearly perfect!

You Tube Video

After printing the templates I realized that the end product would be much bigger than I needed. So I ran them through a photocopier and scaled them down. So in no time at all I was sitting at work with this:
[Image: 31893767848_dbcce08ca2_c.jpg]

and since my workday involves a great deal of staring at loading bars it was not long before I had:
[Image: 43947523350_7c3868b0df_c.jpg]

As soon as I got home - I threw some paint at it (most of it stuck to my hand apparently).
[Image: 45040122894_a71965f192_c.jpg]

a few months ago I found a piece of brass in the street. It was some sort of endcap - which I immediately knew would be useful. I pocketed it and three months later it is being employed to hold a mast (moral of the story: Street finds are awesome. Always pick up junk!). I hot glued it in place and was very impressed with the way the glue cooled:
[Image: 31893735118_6c45627352_c.jpg]

So I used it to fill some gaps too:
[Image: 43947513130_a837c265de_c.jpg]

It is really effective. I simply squeeze some hot glue into the hole and then lay the piece flat on a piece of wax paper:
[Image: 31893729278_30ee3d9c7d_c.jpg]

A piece of old curtain rail cut to size, an old, broken wooden coat hanger, a piece of dowel, some pins, a couple of off-cuts from Building #2,  some waxed bookbinding thread and an old sheet later:
[Image: 45765274971_d4dfc8e6eb_c.jpg]

So I strayed a little from the template. I decided against a removable sail because I really wanted to make the rigging. I increased the size of the sail and wrapped it around the dowel as though it were stowed.  

I was unsure about the headpieces of the original template. I considered creating something simpler but after I tested the fit and showed a couple of people - they told me I had to use it:
[Image: 45040117244_974124d5b0_c.jpg]

So an hour and thirty minutes past my bed time - we end day 9 with:
[Image: 43947513110_10f835e961_c.jpg]
The Itapeaque Trading Post DAY 10

Today was game day. It went swimmingly!

Vengeance was mine! How dare he steal my boat!

The boat was made tabletop ready and hit the table with remarkable effectiveness:

[Image: 44862081105_b13bfae1e1_c.jpg]
[Image: 43957769610_b8325cb719_c.jpg]
[Image: 44862081775_60c898ae28_c.jpg]

There is still room for improvement. There will be time for that later!

Tomorrow - back to Buildings.
The Itapeaque Trading Post DAY 11

Rupknell's Books (Building #1) received another layer of thatch but mostly - the focus of the day was on the structure of building 2.

Learning from my mistakes on the first one I am going to make 100% sure that everything really fits together and works before filling in the details.

So all the walls are roughed out and the removable roof is easily removable.

[Image: 30850933007_79f3dee0f9_c.jpg]
[Image: 31919492238_1c224520a1_c.jpg]
[Image: 30850933007_79f3dee0f9_c.jpg]
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The Itapeaque Trading Post - DAY 12

I began with the most complicated of the walls. First making a cardboard cutout of the space then covering that piece of card with coffee stirrers and ice-lolly/popsicle sticks. I installed my windows and added some pins for a decorative embellishment. Then I did the same for the less involved walls. Simply glueing the coffee stirrers horizontally across the card. I got some base painting done and continued construction on the roof. I'm not sure what to do about the front door yet...

[Image: 31959594298_ebb178e266.jpg][Image: 44917340395_f81b6db34f.jpg]
[Image: 31959595168_cac54e4c64.jpg][Image: 30890649097_eb51862b34.jpg]
[Image: 31959591688_62a334d8db.jpg][Image: 31959590498_66677fa587.jpg]
[Image: 31959590478_616515a18e.jpg][Image: 31959589628_089e68808c.jpg]
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