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Hey remember the old days when I used to assign time to my work.

I am going to make a return to that - with this project.

So with that in mind:


Some more little design sketches happened.
[Image: 31663164688_59ec390005.jpg][Image: 44621693625_bcf1e175ab.jpg]
[Image: 31663162708_82090e09cc.jpg]

Work continued on building #1
[Image: 45485109312_f79fb91409.jpg]

I have been toying with the idea of leaving behind the wood for wood look. Now that I have a better cutter I could use more foam. It would definitely speed up construction.

Anyone have any thoughts?
OK, cool, thanks. I haven't done a many complex builds with foam yet and am sort of fumbling my way through.

On the foam vs wood topic, I think you might end up with better textures from the wood. While you might be able to score the foam to make it more "wood-like" in appearance, I'm not sure how well that would work or how good it would look. Also, the wooden bits probably give the building more rigidity/structural integrity.

Finally, I love the herringbone pattern of slats on the ends of your building sketches. That's a little architectural detail that really unifies your designs. I can't wait to see your progress on them!
What are you building Munin? Please share with us! I feel so lonely here all by myself!


I guess it's kind of misleading saying "day" I am about 5 hours in at this point. I have a very limited amount of time to work on it in the early hours of the morning.

Here's that Herringbone that you love!

[Image: 44829803984_524b9febbb_z.jpg]
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Quote:What are you building Munin? Please share with us! I feel so lonely here all by myself!
I am building some Roman ruins in North Africa. I was going to wait to make a thread until I have pictures, but I guess there's nothing stopping me from making it now and posting some pics of the actual ruins I'm looking to model.

I began the day by making some more walls, adding a window, filling gaps and beggining to toy with base colours.
[Image: 43753946300_e36b213feb_c.jpg]
[Image: 30630330557_57ee9c7ab8_c.jpg]
[Image: 30630330347_a9dcccccd2_c.jpg]
[Image: 30630329867_22c21a9e83_c.jpg]

Then I got sidetracked with furnishings. I want the interior to be somewhat playable. This will after all be the home/business of an important NPC.

Since this will be a bookstore I began with a bookshelf. Slightly ironic - being a book-binder. I spent my day off work making smaller books.
[Image: 31704431688_ce508e1095.jpg][Image: 45576842641_c8c0d45a6f.jpg]
Of course, the thing was slightly too big and needed to be trimmed.

Then I made a desk and a bed (that was too small and so - morphed into an experimental couch). Then because it was getting late and I was tired... I spent 3 hours roughing out a roof.
[Image: 44662828095_d30b55fc56.jpg][Image: 44852030534_69846f2217.jpg][Image: 31704429108_4f49bbd7d8.jpg][Image: 45526352942_135f01f6da.jpg]

It's 3AM now - I am giving up...
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So I took Saturday off (I needed to spend some time with my wife) and ran all my errands/did all my housework Sunday morning. Which gave me Sunday afternoon through Sunday evening. I got the roof shape completed, finished all of the walls and roughed out my interior plans.

Here it is so far:
[Image: 43796407260_9f050d67a8.jpg][Image: 30673022137_2618215133.jpg][Image: 30673022097_949e9977b5.jpg][Image: 30673021457_37941db5fd.jpg]
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It's looking good so far. How are you liking the Proxxon cutter? I've had some issues getting the tension right on ours (which produces some wonky edges sometimes), but for big projects it's fantastic.
I have mixed feelings about it really.

I love it! It is a 100,000,000 times better than my previous one. The variable temp is an absolute godsend.

On the other hand.

I do miss the ability to pull the old one apart and use it as a handheld cutter.

Things like the small round window on the right side of the building. I remembered that I wanted the window there - too late. I had already glued the pieces together. With the Proxxon there is no easy way to go about cutting that after the fact. Something my cheap cutter would've been able to do - wish I hadn't given it away.

I guess I will have to invest in a Proxxon handheld now........

I have had a similar issue. Sometimes when using the high heat settings the wire gets wavy. I just stop and tighten it.

So again - less "day" and more "30 minute Lunchbreak" Enough time to get a little painting in.

[Image: 44749909975_21b910cf90.jpg][Image: 44939404494_e77d4c01bb.jpg]
[Image: 44939403654_7588144117.jpg][Image: 44749908235_1fea291696.jpg]
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I was hoping that this would not take longer than a week - but here is where it stands after seven days. 

[Image: 44802532345_04575819e6.jpg][Image: 45665852382_087fbae45f.jpg][Image: 44802531415_ba0a21456f.jpg][Image: 45665851522_2fbd77d239.jpg]
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