Drallitoc's Lost Jungle Temple
So after baking in the sun yesterday the first couple of casts dried perfectly. With that happy news I have started producing more.

I think there will be 5 on each wall:
[Image: 42094993930_3973eb1bc4_c.jpg]

I also started experimenting with Chaac masks:
[Image: 42078797010_5620cbde1d.jpg]
[Image: 42078632450_16d8ae95c1.jpg]
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So after some productive distraction - back to the main focus.

I had set the great pyramid aside until I could figure out what had gone wrong and the best way to go about fixing it.

On one side of the staircase I have this gap:
[Image: 42203645690_3d3b4f9f65_z.jpg]

on the otherside (here seen without the staircase) I have an overhang:
[Image: 43964357612_e46e12586a_z.jpg]

I couldn't fathom how this had come to be... Until I tried flipping them and putting them upside down:
[Image: 43106703385_1731e26072_c.jpg]


Well once I figured out the problem I went about fixing it. The gap was easy to fill but I decided against shortening the longer one and instead cut into the side of the staircase:
[Image: 44012840531_d90dc24848_c.jpg]
[Image: 43964354142_cbbe18c7a0_c.jpg]

This will give the whole piece a little more structural strength.

[Image: 42203645590_2800e98a3d_c.jpg]

The whole thing is now glued together. There are some gaps to fill and some details to add but I plan to have this one finished (at least part 1) before our next game.
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The pyramid is so very near to completion! I will be able to start working on the top soon:
[Image: 44152680241_b801e69043_c.jpg]

The walls have also progressed. All plaster casts are now complete:
[Image: 44152680221_14fd7367a0_c.jpg]
About how long (per unit area, I guess?) does it take you to do the various-depth stone facing on the pyramid? The end result is fantastic, but I feel like it's gotta be hella-time-consuming.
You know... I had no idea how long this actually takes. Sometimes it goes faster sometimes slower. I set up this whole video production to show you my methods and how fast it goes....

[Image: 43550607084_723f362974_c.jpg]

but the SD card was full after 15minutes - and stopped recording. Which took me 3 minutes to notice.

I can still sort of answer the question.

Because I did an unrecorded test run to make sure that I got all of my measurements right and to make sure that the stopwatch would work.

This piece has 17"x3.5" of stonework (not counting the 2 gaps). It took 23minutes from bare foam to:
[Image: 43550607564_a4b6c77266_c.jpg]
Progress so far on the walls.

[Image: 43393967495_66fe51ec2a_c.jpg]

This morning I attached the Skull castings to the wall with hot glue. The back of the wall is already detailed per the previous post. There will be "something" between the skulls... As soon as I figure out what that will be.  

Unhappy with the width of the ramparts I added a step detail to the outside - creating an overhang and more space on which to place the battlements.

There are some mornings when it is really hard to leave the house and go to work.
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After Sealing:
[Image: 30892192198_7b8fea6b66_c.jpg]

[Image: 42952617970_f8c590fc28_c.jpg]

and Flocking:
[Image: 38303500534_784bd47011_c.jpg]

The extended table is ready for play:
[Image: 42952619240_5f272c31d7_c.jpg]

I also threw some paint at this hut - not entirely happy with it yet.
[Image: 44762691311_d993389de9_c.jpg]
[Image: 44844663272_d132d7d7bc_c.jpg]

I finally caved

After years of recommendations, I decided it was time to upgrade.

[Image: 44180078104_fd913a1a9a_c.jpg]
[Image: 44850132332_74f4109735_c.jpg]

It's like a lightsaber for foam cutting:
[Image: 44180077504_3fcd010694_c.jpg]

It has been sitting on the dining room table now for 3 days. I have yet to run anything through it.

The table remains set up for our ongoing campaign. So workspace has become very limited. I am working on more jungle washers at the moment. In a rather unorthodox workplace:
[Image: 29969163537_60353727ca_c.jpg]
Hey, a question for you Seth: how do you stick the various pieces of foam together? What sort of glue do you find most effective, and do you do any internal pinning or reinforcing? If so, how?
Usually, I rough up the edges a little with some sandpaper* then glue together with Titebond II wood glue. I temporarily pin it in place somewhere that it won't show / that can be hidden later. Then pull the pins out once everything seems secure (usually within a couple of hours).

I used to use construction adhesive - but it took too long to dry.

With larger pieces like the pyramids (which are hollow) I also apply hot glue along the internal seams.

*I "key the surface" - is the technical term I believe. I give the glue a larger surface area to adhere to.


So with the table still set up for the massive campaign - I have been thinking about where our finale will take place. My first idea was big. Very big. Too big. So I am scaling it down. I plan to make a little trading outpost. A small community with a dozen or so little buildings.

I made a few preliminary cuts - foam and wood. Then I began doodling the first building - and soon got to work constructing:

[Image: 43705478860_0a59e0a8b3.jpg][Image: 45472008452_3bb79b5dea.jpg]

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