Drallitoc's Lost Jungle Temple
I have been on a jungle making kick again. Making small (fender washer) sections that I can place between the larger palm tree sections to make dense impassable areas of vegetation:

[Image: 43464574931_8749d0714d_c.jpg]

I have also been making some large trees. I made a tutorial for them but have been reluctant to post it... The technique is a little dangerous.

Here are the pictures without the (dangerous) words:

The tree is made of twisted twine with the ends frayed.
[Image: 43464493501_941e201382_c.jpg]
[Image: 43416505002_1f4a900d4a_c.jpg]
[Image: 43464494311_326b921f51_c.jpg]

Then I add some of my homemade scatter:
[Image: 42560568925_7e4c18c6c1_c.jpg]
[Image: 43464497421_c7c5634092_c.jpg]

I know you are all trying to figure out the dangerous part. I have hurt myself a couple of times...
Does it have anything to do with a power drill?

So when working with your head above the thing you are glueing... The fumes can be dangerous. It really messes with my eyes.
The thing I love most about the buildings that I've made for this project.

I make them as perfect as I can.

Then things go wrong and I have to hide those mistakes.

Those always become my favourite parts.

Those little details where seems are disguised or errors are hidden:
[Image: 43568273891_2cc8e5bd56_c.jpg]

I set an unrealistic goal for myself. 

I wanted construction of this pyramid to be finished by the end of the weekend. 

I have ignored my family for too long though. I need to step away. Hopefully, this one will be picked up again. Not fall by the wayside as other overambitious projects have. Perhaps tomorrow - at 4am: 

[Image: 28684655317_93b48eda30_c.jpg]

Till then - time to take the dog for a beer.....
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The giant pyramid is all bricked up now. I am having some difficulties getting the pieces to line up for glueing so I have set it aside until I have more patience.


[Image: 43688175361_ccce59ffa8_c.jpg]

So, we have been playing Frostgrave (both iterations) within a 4x4 area on a 6x4 mat upon an 8x4 table - but I have so much terrain now... I felt it was time for an expansion.

[Image: 29818343148_23a900ea38_c.jpg]

I have built up another 6x4 table and laid out the ocean mat.

The two tables have a 2" height difference.

[Image: 29818341608_9dbda72c3f_c.jpg]

Perfect for adding an xps shoreline. (this sheet had a chunk missing from a corner and so was on sale at HomeDepot)

[Image: 42971910324_c8576d3193_c.jpg] 

So I went to work with various tools and made a mess. 

[Image: 43641532042_c564a0b1ba_c.jpg]

but I also made a start at a shoreline.

[Image: 42971906564_f34a1a81fd_c.jpg]

Now I'm looking for some suggestions. 

How would you go about fixing this warp???? 

[Image: 43688174001_41421b27e7.jpg]
[Image: 43688173501_90e4c83163.jpg]

How much weight/pressure does it take to correct the warp?

Some heavy enough terrain may help weight it down. Maybe leaving something heavy on it for a while.
You could even put something under each end, and weight down the middle, to bow it the other direction, though that would perhaps correct it a little too much.

Another possibility is that painting the top will help warp it in the other direction when it dries.
So who remembers my wall experiment?

(07-17-2015, 05:06 PM)SethDrallitoc Wrote: [Image: 38066825484_5b45283f63_c.jpg]

Well that was merely the first.

There was a second one.

Which I have never properly shown here (it has appeared in the background of pictures a couple of times).

[Image: 42924144855_9b420fecf4_k.jpg]

There were a couple of decorative snake statues attached that have since been scavenged for other things.

Now there is this:
[Image: 43775148912_d5e13a1a8f_k.jpg]

This is going to be a pretty complex build - with lots of exchangeable/reusable parts. So I am taking my time planing out a shape before really getting to grips with the details.


In other news. I bought myself a label maker....

Oh the fun!

[Image: 43111052754_65fca7d0a7.jpg][Image: 29958150468_4df43940c1.jpg]
Remember how I said there would be details?

Here are the first 4 layers of "The Wall"
[Image: 43813934392_a983aa3a66_c.jpg]

The base layer of EPS should stop people from climbing the walls. A nice slick surface to hold back the jungle creatures (and worse).

The two white layers are made from cheap foamcore with a ballpoint pen pattern.

The middle layer of tiles are instamold casts in several different types of modelling putty and plumbers epoxy.

Next layer -

You can't think of Mexican walls without thinking about Tru--

[Image: 28925754397_988af34d16_b.jpg]

So I stuck down some skulls:
[Image: 43813934562_5deb931644_c.jpg]

and poured in some silicone :
[Image: 43813933582_5e1a15f704_c.jpg]

Cross your fingers for me... This was an incredibly rushed mould!
[Image: 42969367045_fff6b0143c_c.jpg]

The de-mould went much better than expected. Check out the fancy colouring... hahahahaha

A little seepage but nothing that couldn't be fixed with a quick scalpel slice. I hope the mould stands up to repeat castings.

First one is in now.
First couple of moulds are complete. The plaster did not cure all the way - possibly too much water - but it did allow me time to easily cut the pieces to shape and make some minor tweaks here and there.

As you can see the noses of the skulls are not as pronounced as I would like them to be - there were a few air bubbles here and there but nothing that couldn't be easily fixed:
[Image: 28945922497_7f44abbf98.jpg]

So I made the nasal cavities more pronounced and and filled a few holes. I am going to let them completely cure before I make any more. I may need to upgrade to some proper casting material if they fail to completely cure.

Next item on the agenda - I found some interesting Jewelry bits that I am plan to Instamold for some more decorative elements:
[Image: 28945922507_04964cfd22.jpg]

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