Drallitoc's Lost Jungle Temple
Thank you Mr. Raven.

My wife got sleepy early so I'm going to sneak off to the basement and continue working. Big Grin

DAY 3.5

Made some progress with the stonework on the pool and the small pyramid and got some pieces undercoated. That's pretty boring so I wont bother showing you.

I made this little piece mostly as a test to see if I liked it... I do. So this will be part number 1 of 16 pyramid corner sections:
[Image: 25414802988_859aac0ae4.jpg]


Having shirked my responsibilities all through yesterday - I have to do some real work on my house. So day 4 is actually more the couple of hours I spent working in the garage before my wife woke up.

In that time I cut out all the corner pieces for the great pyramid:
[Image: 39253433792_7b023a5bd3_c.jpg]

She is off to see a New Kids on the Block concert tonight - so maybe I can squeeze in a little more work later.

Thoughts? Ideas? Recommendations? Is it too big? Can it be too big?
(07-01-2015, 08:37 PM)SethDrallitoc Wrote: I made this little piece mostly as a test to see if I liked it... I do.

I like it too. The bone tile detailing totally sells it.

(07-01-2015, 08:37 PM)SethDrallitoc Wrote: Is it too big? Can it be too big?

Nah. Besides, too much is always better than not enough.
OK... It's cleanup time here on:

DAY 4.5

Began the details on the Great Pyramid:
[Image: 39282125541_983494c36b_c.jpg]

Finished stonework (Except stairs) on the Small one:
[Image: 24419648407_5c39ffa566_c.jpg]

Still not sure what I'm going to put on the blue level....

Continued the painting of the Pool of Sotek:
[Image: 39282125261_29109cced5_c.jpg]

and because I didn't have enough on my plate already... I started making huts:
[Image: 24419648117_6df584a50b_c.jpg]

Just the one for now... I wanted to make sure that all of my concepts would work, before I made more... I'm thinking there will be 3 or 4 total.

Now to clean up the mess - I have two dedicated hobby rooms, why does my dining room look like this???
[Image: 39282172081_d660d43ea0_c.jpg]

So we went for a drive today. Out towards Buffalo - I had my wife drive so I could work on this:
[Image: 27506483359_c94360db77_c.jpg]

The stones that have the join line through them, will be taken out and replaced.

Since we were near a Michael's craft store I went in for a rummage of their floral department (having already scouted the local hobby lobby).

I managed to get a few new things to add to my ever growing, plastic-jungle collection:
[Image: 37897338815_3d92bd82af_c.jpg]

I also came across these neat little bowls:
[Image: 27506483929_df195b5623_c.jpg]

Sure I could easily make something similar - but the price was too good to pass up. They will look great as dressing for the hut.

When we got home, we curled up on the couch and watched some firefly - while I continued the ever-going stone carving:
[Image: 38405337115_ca6f6b3101_c.jpg]

I added the snake detail to break up the monotony... I thought it would save time but wound up being even more labour intensive as I had to measure the whole thing out very carefully.
I have at times given thought to how to mass produce the stone detailing in foam. Some kind of stencil that could be traced around, perhaps?

I've never come up with anything revolutionary to save time, unfortunately.

I really like the size of this temple, though I wonder what kind of use it will find on the table. I've found large terrain looks awesome, but is tactically dull.
It's amazing how much carving/drawing you can do while watching TV, isn't it? Wink I think it was a good call to add the snake, even if it will take longer.

Is your hut roof just craft fur? It looks really good.
@Caleb - I plan to use this for a campaign. It will be an objective as well as a battlefield. Maybe I will create some rules for fighting on the pyramid.

@MellyMonkey - Yes. It's just craft fur and watered down PVA. I'm having difficulties with the top though... Not sure what to do about it. Previously I have always used washcloths to make my thatched roofs:

[Image: 20140210_143940_zpsf09a5383.jpg]

It was a simple matter of cutting strips and laying them on... Right now I have a gap at the pinnacle of the roof that needs hiding...
Between the two, I prefer your look with the fur better... I wonder if you could give some extra fur a hair cut and glue the clippings to the top to blend the two sides together?
Maybe you could do something like...

[Image: JapanHomes086.jpg]

Could be adapted to look suitably Lustrian.
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I was super excited about that idea Caleb (I was inclined to +1 your reputation). It kept me awake at night thinking about it. I got up at 5am the next day and went straight down to the scroll saw and began work. What I made was.... Alright - I guess... It looked good, looked a great deal like a Lizardmen version of that Japanese roof.

Yet when it came to putting it on top of the building I had already made... It didn't work.

It was too big - too grand - too expensive. It didn't convey the idea of a hovel* as I had originally intended. Annoyed at it I just threw it down in a pile on my workbench and walked away.

I went back to get a picture of it to post here - and it was gone! I looked all over for it. I remember exactly where I set it down and it was not there when I returned. I then got the impetus to clean up the workbench and sorted through all the offcuts of styrene and wood. It was not there... I don't know if I moved it somewhere else and don't remember doing it, but I cannot find it.

DAY 6 (excluding failed roof day)

On the upside sorting through all that styrene revealed a few big pieces which turned into these:
[Image: 37897339165_e0543a6ac5_c.jpg]

I think I am going to do something different with the roof sections. I don't have any more fur so that will have to wait.

*Now that I think about it... I think I made all of these hovels too big. I think I will use the last of my pink foam to make some smaller ones. More buildings is never a bad thing.

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