The O so great inspirationthread
For all you terrain builders there comes a time when you need to grab some inspiration from somewhere to get your work in progress. So what is better than to have a thread for those interesting videos or images of models, concept art or real life structures you just know will generate the right tingeling in our brains? Remember the concept of jounalistic fair use, attribute and link.

In my view the work of Trull is a great way to start.
[Image: Front%2Bneu.jpg]

[Image: IMGP0319.JPG]
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[Image: ljepota30_608175S0.jpg]

[Image: ljepota4_608198S0.jpg]

[Image: ljepota6_608135S0.jpg]

[Image: ljepota8_608137S0.jpg]

[Image: ljepota10_608139S0.jpg]

This one reminds me of an elvish temple Zab worked on on the old site:

[Image: ljepota13_608144S0.jpg]

These are for the post-apoc crowd:

[Image: ljepota14_608145S0.jpg]

[Image: ljepota16_608147S0.jpg]

[Image: ljepota18_608149S0.jpg]

[Image: ljepota29_608170S0.jpg]

Is Raxxxus still around?

[Image: article-2295570-18C3D52D000005DC-6_964x636.jpg]

[Image: 83530_L.jpg]

[Image: berlin.jpg]

These seem more model RR oriented.

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[Image: chatillon-car-graveyard-abandoned-cars-v...ange-4.jpg]

Lost Cities...

[Image: 121999838-Taktsang-Monestary-Butan_zps2918b762.jpg]

[Image: 110963431-Ayutthaya_zps7ccca2b9.jpg]

The eight preceding posts contain images from a thread on the WampForum. But the thread can only be viewed by members of that forum. So, I have somewhat re-created it here.

( This was the link: )

[Image: 9ef7b1bd47b22fa7ff8f9aa30a9cebd4]

I wanted to add this ^ image to the Wamp thread but I guess I am too new (I signed up just to view that thread) and it would not let me.

So, I figured why not enliven TG a bit?

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