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Great work from both contestants

Catdancer: The profusion of different flora/fungus types on this piece is both impressive and distracting. I hate to say it but it's almost too colorful! Ditto havre's comments about the cartoony style - I think it's what you were going for here, and in that you succeeded very well. The sideways eye on the big carnivorous plant weirds me out - I can't decide whether I like it or not. That's probably a good thing.  Smile  The overall composition is very balanced, but perhaps the biggest detraction for me is that the piece is straight-up not playable as wargaming terrain.

Vampyrevenom: I really like your concept, and the detail in your little fungi around the stump (especially the little red and black ones) is great. I just wish you'd have applied the same attention to detail to the pink shelf fungus, as it looks kind of flat. Great freehand work on the exposed tree-rings, though, those came out really nicely. In terms of your flocking, one of the things I've noticed is that green static grass applied to a surface that has been painted brown often produces results that look kind of unnatural, which I think has to do with tricks of scale. You might be better off painting your surface a greenish color instead of brown prior to applying your static grass. Finally, havre's comments about photography are good ones - pictures in diffuse (natural is best!) light with no flash will usually give you much better results. As terrain, this would make a great centerpiece or objective for a game - I can just imagine two heroes duking it out atop the stump for sole possession of whatever eldritch magic lies within!

Congrats again to both contestants!
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