Jase-0's Mordheim Undead Warband
Here is my (as yet unplayed) Mordheim Undead Warband

Started off using mantic miniatures - the Revenant Boxed set along with some Zombies and Ghoul sprues.

[Image: imag0180-jpg.4398]

From left to right: Dreg with Sword, Dreg with Sword and Bell (Mace or Club in game) Vampire in the Middle with Mace, Shield & Armor, Necromancer holding a Skull at the back and my third Dreg with Sword on the right (with a free hand - maybe for a mace/club when I find one)

[Image: imag0151-jpg.4320]

[Image: imag0156-jpg.4334]

4 Ghouls - no real conversions here, one of the ghouls has 'zombie' legs.

[Image: imag0157-jpg.4335]

...and 2 zombies

[Image: imag0161-jpg.4340]

Undercoated in flat black (spray)

[Image: imag0164-jpg.4343]

Heavy brown (Mournfang Brown) drybrush over the base - wasn't particularly careful here, so a little went on the feet - so it looks like dirt on feet etc.

[Image: imag0165-jpg.4344]

Followed by a white drybrush over the mini and the base.
[Image: imag0175-jpg.4361]

A little color added - I wanted to keep these minis kind of dark and brooding, so nothing too bright.

[Image: imag0178-jpg.4378]

Next up is the display base - just made from Cereal packet card with holes cut into it.

[Image: imag0179-jpg.4393]

Glued down onto 3mm artboard and painted black with a heavy brown (GW Mournfand Brown) drybrush followed by a white drybrush to finish it off - very simple but looks pretty good Smile
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Looking good!
Love your clever display base. Nothing impresses me like mini painters. I tried it once and it was pretty challenging!

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