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Posting in the Proper Forum
This is a quick guide on where to find the type of threads you’re interested and give you an idea where you should be posting threads of your own. Please note that although TerraGenesis’ emphasis is on wargaming terrain, we have, and welcome, contributions from railroad modellers, diorama builders, dolls’ house enthusiasts (especially gardeners), and indeed anybody using related model making techniques.

About The Forum
This area is thread-locked to regular users -- meaning that members cannot start new threads but can reply to existing threads. It is strictly used by the Site Administrator to announce changes or current events happening with the website itself. Users can comment and give their input on these announcements.

Forum Suggestions
If you see something on the site that could use improvement, start a thread about it in this area. Members can expand and brainstorm on the benefits of your idea and if it is well received (and possible), the Site Admin will work on making those changes happen.  This would also be a good place to ask questions about how certain current features of this website work.

Terrain Showcase
The showcase area is a perverbial show-and-tell style forum for users to display projects they have completed. Typically no explaination of how you completed the piece is expected here, but don’t be surprised if inquiring minds ask about your techniques. Keep the threads in this area focused on items YOU have made, not other people’s work. If you want to share someone else’s piece you’ve found, please do so in the Promotions or Off-Topic forum.

Work In Progress
Work in progress (or WIP) threads are an opportunity for you to share your techniques and give detailed descriptions of the steps you take to complete a process. This can either be done in ‘real time’ as you work on your project so it is an on-going thread or all at once after you have completed a project. The main goal in this sub forum is to share information on how to apply certain techniques to build terrain and models.

Hobby Questions
If you have questions regarding certain tools or techniques of the trade, you can post them here. Don’t feel hesistant about posting ‘dumb questions.’ There are plenty of experienced members here that can point you in the right direction. Please do look through the forum before posting to make sure your question is not that has already been covered by someone else.

The Promotion forum is a place for any posts that either lead off of TerraGenesis, terrain that you did not build yourself, or you are trying to sell a product or item. Some examples of threads that belong here are listed below.
- A link to your personal blog that shows your WIP steps belongs here instead of the Work In Progress forum, even though you are not selling anything.
- If you found an amazing model builder and would like to share it to inspire other members.
- You have a finished piece for sale on eBay that you would like to announce.
- You own a company and would like to make members aware of your products.

Competitions are a long standing tradition at TerraGenesis and they take place in this forum. It is a fun way to encourage forum participation and motivate your creativity. Each competition will have a unique theme and guidelines to keep things interesting. For more on how the competitions work, please see the  Competition Rules and Guidelines.

Minis Showcase
Many of us have miniature figures that go along with the terrain we build. If you want to show off a paint job, sculpt or conversion that you’ve done, you can do so in this forum.

This is the catch-all forum. Post threads here that don’t quite fit in any other category. This is also a good spot for jokes, or discussions on movies, books or games. (Politics and religion are tough subjects and should probably be avoided.)


Posting Hints
Other helpful habits to get into would be to post in the appropriate forum and use an informative subject line when creating a new topic. For example, use “How do I make stairs?” rather than “Help needed.” Use the off-topic forum for non-terrain related posting but even here, do not post links to offensive or adult related material or sites. TerraGenesis is proud to be a family friendly site.

Do not post any personal information (email address, home address, etc.) on the forums. Please use the Personal Messaging system if you want to exchange personal information with another member but realize that you do so at your own risk.

It's always a good idea to Preview your post before submitting to the forum. A quick re-read to check for errors is an easy way to avoid misunderstandings in your messages.

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