Ruins as a photographic backdrop
(08-17-2015, 11:02 PM)djmothra Wrote: I'm about to embark on a similar idea - how'd this end up?

I was thinking about just using a pre-printed piece of paper as the background behind the windows so I can swap it out depending on which Mini I'm taking pics of.


Sorry for the delayed response. It was a poor backdrop and difficult to store. I broke my #1 rule of terrain making: Design it to be stored when not in use. 

I'd use  a solid wall, no top exposed edge or trees behind it. Windows were a bad idea. The color should be more of warm medium gray or probably better yet, sand stone. The images I took of miniatures were simply not improved by using  the backdrop.

So, sadly, I harvested the tree for the next project and trashed it.
(12-12-2014, 12:05 AM)Asdel Wrote: OK, I tried a sand color, a lighter version of what I often use for sand colors, pretty mundane beige. The "Daylight" bulb I normally use is a little blue, at least in the camera. I switched to secondary source and fiddled with a lot of settings on the camera, but I'll probably just go back to Picture mode.

I added the brick lines suggested by Pendrake. A good catch. I'd already base-coated it a bit, so maybe I'll need to add emphasis with paint.

[Image: semifinal_zps79e45b9c.jpg]

[Image: Overheadshot_zps8eddda35.jpg]
That came out very well in deed

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