Monstrous Plant WIP
Since the launch of this competition I have been inspired to finally put all my research of terrain and ideas into action.
Yesterday I spotted a vacuum cleaner in a bin and thought the hose could make some good industrial pieces. When I detached the hose I saw the mouth of the vacuum cleaner. Bingo the idea hit me: a monstrous plant that EATS standard sized creatures. Something like Poison Ivy's greenhouse creature with the tentacles. I was hoping to use it as dangerous terrain and looking up carnivorous plants in the rules got really depressed by all the GW bashing. I was thinking of getting back into 40k beginning of this year then saw price of rulebook and codexes plus they'll probably have new ones out this year Angry . Only bought models on ebay since Smile . 36euro +postage for one ork kustom mega kannon new Huh ? Anyway kinda kills motivation.
[Image: 65009435dbb118004fe38cacb0a2cfdceaac5aaf...424582.jpg]
[Image: 567847704b5a38a6d6a582617e94ddd23f24b98d...582bea.jpg]
[Image: 85011108758a560de469a22e300e7bd11ed25f88...0a7342.jpg]
[Image: 64529072bfb49e9cfa36077a67ba12f2b87416df...bc5946.jpg]
Are these images too big? I was thinking of carving gothic style ruins out of the polystyrene and copying the toy vines I found and using expanding foam with gloss spraypaint on it to make a gruesome body for the creature. Any comments, feedback or encouragement would be great.
Thanks, 40k fan losing faith in GW but liking the models and story still.
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See the mouth better in this one:
[Image: 44105688c11b3312948650b3af6814ff5e91774e...9382a9.jpg]

P.S. I realise this is in direct competition with Alabastero's idea but isn't that the point. Anyway I'm sure we'll come up with different enough interpretations. I'm NOT copying I sware. I mean MONstrous Flora people were bound to think of man-eating plants right? I hadn't even seen his post when I made those photos and sketch.
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Maybe broken fences with old quarantine signs around
Imperial signs and propaganda at
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Oh, I don;t know about that, when I read Alabasteros entry and saw the word "Seymor" It's obvious it's a Little Shop of Horrors it'll most likely look more like a Venus Fly Trap Smile

Oh, and nice use of the Vacuum cleaner part.
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Wow; the sketch looks like this could be an amazing build. I can't wait to watch it come together!
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My first thought when I saw the vacuum piece was the Sarlacc pit from Star Wars (which was better in the original before the tongue-mouth-thing was added) or an Ant Lion (which is one of my favourite predators not only for the Pit-Trap but that it grows up to have wings) Smile

I really like where you are going with this! Is the Struggling Ork Boy going to be permanently fixed in place, or will he be able to be removed and the tentacles wrapped around a another victim for a different scenario?

"I mean MONstrous Flora people were bound to think of man-eating plants right?"

I was expecting to see a few more old gnarled trees and maybe a tree stump with intricately painted growth rings Wink
Wow thanks for the link to such brilliant information. I had never even heard of a sarlacc. Fantastic creature. Yes! A semi sentient carnivore is what I was going for. This is my favourite bit:

"The largest known sarlacc in galactic history resided on the planet Felucia within the Ancient Abyss. The Jedi Master Shaak Ti was able to tame this beast and it assisted her in her duel with Starkiller. However, she lost the duel and was swallowed by the beast." LOL Cry Was that for losing the duel or because she was killed?

Teeth and tendrils kilometres across? guess mines a baby. aah...
"It was even said that sarlaccs could be telepathic and could gain consciousness from the creatures they ate by assimilating their thoughts and memories during digestion." Brilliant.

I was thinking of putting a tiled floor in the ruin. This can have roots running underneath like old pavement with big tree roots breaking it up.

Sarlacc info overload! It will take a while to assimilate the knowledge of this imaginary creature. One thing they don't explain is what happens to indigestible bits of metal etc. Could there be empty bits of regurgitated power armour lying about? Probably.
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I'll have to read about the ant lion next time.

Well I hadn't thought about other victims. An ork was the first thing that came to hand. Maybe an unfortunate scout clawing at the ground or trying to hack the tendril as he is dragged to his doom.

Anyway here is the progress on the ruin:
1 I cut this bit off the bottom to make it flat
[Image: 495315622d2f0c6bbd31adae9fc70a4f12a0d2de...c5f692.jpg]

2 measuring out the columns windows on the styrofoam  as I go.
[Image: 285451782ca45c060546e45f8879ff5b74328ce1...f40eda.jpg]

3 measuring dimensions on top
[Image: 6332204011b85ee2359b6c3e9b9a6c55ba72e1fa...49c933.jpg]

4 A window roughly measured
[Image: 77017452aba0d1d28054b46186e8db1d2f366a64...20f538.jpg]

5 clamped gently but firmly to let PVA glue dry overnight to be sure.
[Image: 43022523a441f52a7cb95e6377ec78c372d158b8...c5a837.jpg]

6 the bit I cut off the bottom works well for the roof. I thought I'd carve the roof to fit the columns but I like the way it overhangs the window space. What do you think?
[Image: 778922985b97827f3b2e0da7bbba73b337e150d9...e80086.jpg]

7 a third floor cool Smile
[Image: 3101860358872d3c0c1aaf0bfda3d587920db1be...c53254.jpg]

P.S. The old site is full of amazing work. I explored it for hours. I really like everything about this Half-timbered house for a fantasy or medieval setting Alabastero plaster, wood, stone, tiles lovely texture effects and straightforward technique explanation.
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Looking for fungi found this AAAaaaaaagh Why plants eat flesh:
[Image: 190atwtiqrz0sjpg.jpg]
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Thanks to the Fungus search I also found this:[Image: 080220_fly_catcher-783038.jpg]

Fly catcher on

Gross! Nice colour scheme though.
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