The Fungus Stump
Hi vampyrevenom;

I like the start of your stump project. I do have a question...why aren't you using a real/natural wooden stump?...When I built mine (as I posted prior), I used an actual wooden stump...I went and found a small/proper size bush...dug it up...cut the stump off to proper size I wanted...cut/trimmed the roots to the sizes that I wanted...washed all the dirt and stuff off...let it dry).

The piece was natural, looked real, already had the roots and if you select the correct bush might even get a hint of the growth rings!

Just a thought for you to consider in the event you have to start over for whatever reason!
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There are a few reasons I haven't used a natural stump (other than not thinking of it as an option). First off, the area I live in is largely residential or industrial, small gardens if any mostly rented and it's not ideal to go digging around areas of green space as a few people have gone missing locally and two bones of someone who went missing last year turned up next to one of the fishing lakes last month (not to mention I'm less than 15 mins drive from Gatwick). Secondly is having time in daylight hours, I work from 0800 to 1800 (no lunch break) Monday to Friday, on call two nights a week and every other weekend, so I'm actually working until 1800 tomorrow when I'll get two nights off and I wanted to make a start. I'm also the only actor for Possessed Monkey Studios trying to keep regular postings to build a fan base, the idea to have enough fans to start a kickstarter so we can get a proper studio space and hopefully bring in more actors. The final reason is, although I do pick up stray pieces of bark etc, I prefer to sculpt things from scratch or upcycle rubbish instead of throwing it away, I've made a couple of covers for scrapbook/photo albums using cereal boxes (I'm a little bit of a hoarder I think)
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Vampyre Venom
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I couldn't wait for the weekend  Big Grin  I upgraded my roots with clay with lots of intertwined wiggly roots...

[Image: DSCN2407.jpg]

[Image: DSCN2408.jpg]

[Image: DSCN2409.jpg]

[Image: DSCN2410.jpg]

[Image: DSCN2411.jpg]

I then textured the roots (I don't think I need to show every angle on this)

[Image: DSCN2412.jpg]

Time to add some shrooms, I flattened (fairly) large pieces of clay and scored the underside. I then dampened both the edge to attach and the area to which they were being attached, I made a large cluster and a cluster of three

[Image: DSCN2414.jpg]

[Image: DSCN2415.jpg]

[Image: DSCN2416.jpg]

[Image: DSCN2417.jpg]

I then made a cluster of baby shrooms in the same way, minus adding the gills as they are small

[Image: DSCN2413.jpg]

Finally I sculpted some little fungi, 3 of one sort which will have blobs of "blood" and 2 of the other, which I will add amongst the roots later

[Image: DSCN2418.jpg]

Last but not least, I took a picture with a standard sized model (an old wood elf wardancer) to give an idea of the scale of the piece

[Image: DSCN2419.jpg]

Now I wait...heating is off so hopefully won't crack too much
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Vampyre Venom
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Very, very cool. Reminds me of Pleurotus ostreatus, one of my favorites!

Also very happy to hear you're going to do "blood". I love 'bleeding' fungi, especially Scrambled Egg Slime. I am dying to see how you do it! Gloss gel medium?
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Looking great so far!
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This looks great. I think you got a truly monstrous flora...  This should weigh a little bit?
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Oh god I've got a funghi expert lol, doesn't weigh too much as it's mostly foam Big Grin

I am wondering how to do standard size (ie to normal scale) bluebells as that's the reason my wood elves are bluey purple
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Vampyre Venom
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Looks pretty good to me. Nice paint job on the Wardancer too.
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Sorry about the lack of updates, stupid internet got cut off  Cry anyway, progress report:

After leaving the stump for around 48 hours, I painted the bark using 3 shades of brown emulsion paint, Java Bean; Nutmeg Spice and Coffee, and the centre of the stump bleached bone before adding rings using the lighter two browns

[Image: DSCN2420.jpg]

[Image: DSCN2421.jpg]

I then went to bed, the following day I had a rescue mission on my hands, apparently 48 hours wasn't enough drying time and cracks had appeared in the top (no big deal, stumps often crack naturally) and at joins whilst roots had started lifting from the base. The cracks in joins were very minor, touch up with paint, and the cracks in the top were painted with a mix of bleached bone and one of the browns (I believe it was nutmeg spice, but may have been coffee) so that it looked natural. The issue was securing the roots, then I had a brainwave, the whole base is going to be covered in grass to finish and grass is often longer around the roots of trees, so out came the glue gun to add some support (I will not be beaten, I am the boss not the materials)

[Image: DSCN2422.jpg]

Next I added a base coat of Candy Cane emulsion to my mushrooms (tester pots are £1 in Wilkos so went a little wild haha)

[Image: DSCN2423.jpg]

Next I started to blend from the Candy can to Pink Harmony and added a final edge highlight of avantgarde (more expensive brand, same as I used as my off-white base for the chalk in my cove) but I think I may have blended too seamlessly two shades that are too close in colour...

[Image: DSCN2424.jpg]

[Image: DSCN2429.jpg]

Next, I painted the base a dirty green (I didn't take a photo at this stage) before adding my Pink Harmony primed blood fungi and brushing them avantgarde

[Image: DSCN2425.jpg]

Next I remade the other fungi, clay proved too fragile for these and the spindley bits fell off so epoxy putty to the rescue

[Image: DSCN2431.jpg]

I then painted and stuck them in place

[Image: DSCN2432.jpg]

Next was to start the bluebells, the first batch (using the last of my gw putty) were dry and experimentally placed to see the effect whilst the second batch was drying

[Image: DSCN2433.jpg]

[Image: DSCN2434.jpg]

Finally, I painted them and left them in the "holding" foam whilst I work out how to do the flowers

[Image: DSCN2654.jpg]

[Image: DSCN2655.jpg]

I've still got a bit of touching up to do (damned camera picks up things I'm too blind to see) but the piece is nearing completion, touch up, flocking, finish bluebells and place then I guess I'll kick MrSquiglesworth into gear to actually finish something, post his progress etc  Big Grin
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Vampyre Venom
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Looking amazing! Glad a few cracks didn't put you off! Big Grin

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