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This is really just a test post**. But I just happened to post this picture of some figures on Reaper's Forums a couple of days ago. So here goes:

[Image: post-7586-0-27756000-1417740835_thumb.jpg]

The terrain they are standing on is a hill I carved and painted, so terrain and figures in one pic. Woot!

The figures are:
  • 03190: Blacktongue—Gnoll Ranger, Reaper Miniatures
  • Nodwick, Magnificent Egos, (long since OOP)
  • 03048: Sir William—Peace Maker, Reaper Miniatures

**Switching to a new avatar with the forum change. The old avatar was this:

[Image: 18.gif]

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It was pointed out to me...
[Image: 026BBCFA-D201-444B-9C12-F2F30F0B0C8F_zps9xkvpe9l.jpg]
...that I ought to have taken a reverse angle view as well.

Remedied that a couple of days ago.

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I always liked Reaper minis.

For some reason they're always very fun to paint. Maybe it's the big, pronounced details.

My fiance is working on one of their dwarf minis right now, it's her first time painting a mini, and she's doing rather well.
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