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TerraGenesis Regulations
The following regulations are designed to make everyone’s experience of the forums a pleasant and productive one. A breach of these guidelines may result in an increase to your warning level (see below) or the immediate removal of membership without notice to be determined by the forum moderators or the Site Administrator.

Content Rules
Once you are ready to participate in the forums, please remember the following: the members of this site come from a vast array of backgrounds and age groups. Refrain from using profanity or obscenities as some of our members are under age, viewing at work, or just find it disturbing. Do not use language which could be considered demeaning to one’s race, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, gender, mental ability, physical capacity, and/or attributes. We are a global community. Whether or not you personally consider a term to be offensive is irrelevant. If others may be offended by it, keep it to yourself.

Keeping discussion friendly and following the common principles of good etiquette will make this forum a good resource for everybody. “Trolling” (i.e. posting comments for the specific purpose of arousing anger) will not be tolerated. Controversial commentary is okay as long as the discussion remains civil and should be made with an intent to inform, assist and encourage. Trolls will emerge from time to time. It is an unavoidable part of existence on the Internet. Do not respond to their posts to fuel their fire. Instead, ignore the post and bring the user to the attention of the Site Administrator or a Moderator who will deal with them in an appropriate manner.

Do not use a username to represent yourself as someone that you are not, such as claiming to be another registered member or a person that other board users may recognize from somewhere else on the web. This also includes using ‘puppet accounts’ (using one identity to agree with or respond to something that you posted to the board using a different identity).

Administrators and Moderators have the authority to delete any post, thread, avatar, user, etc. not complying to the regulations stated above without giving prior notice to forum members. Any member causing minor incidents or infringements that do not warrant banning will receive warning points based on the severity of the incident instead. The number of points given at any time will be determined by the Admins and Moderators. Warning points are cumulative. If a user continues to be a problem and acquires 10 warning points, they will be banned at that time. The warning level will show on that member’s profile.
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