Fitz's bits and pieces
Some excellent pieces. I especially like your river sections. Something I really need to get to myself.
I like what you've done here. I am also a fan of Sculptamold. I don't know if it's available there, but Woodland Scenics has a new line of water products you may want to check out.

I realize that the bog/marsh/swamp pieces didn't turn out as you expected, but I REALLY like them!

As a person who spends a lot of time in bogs/marshes, I think you really got the look down. I like the coloration of the water because it looks like it's full of algae and duckweed and muddy, etc. I expect to see ducks or herons or something!

Good work all around. Love that bog though!
Yeah, I agree with Tob, the marsh turned out really nice!
[Image: 2018-09-19-PrintableSceneryRuinsPaintTest-001.jpg]

This is my first painting test for the ruinous bits and pieces I've been printing, from elements by Printable Scenery.

My focus has been on speed of production, to get them on to the gaming table as fast as possible, rather than creating gorgeous diorama-quality miniature models. To that end, they've been painted pretty much entirely by means of washes and dry-brushing over some zenithal priming.

At this standard of painting, they will suit my needs fine. I'm hopeful of having a table-covering mass of urban ruins within the relatively near future.

[Image: 2018-09-19-PrintableSceneryRuinsPaintTest-002.jpg]

I have been tossing up whether or not to mount the individual pieces on some sort of base. They are sturdy enough as is to take some fairly careless handling, so they don't actually need basing. So any basing would be more for aesthetics, rather than for structural stability.

Having some debris scattered inside the ruinous shells is appealing, as without it I suspect they'll look more like obstacles on a paintball range than an actual town that has had the ***** knocked out of it. The trick will be to make it look enough of a mess without compromising the ability to move troops around inside.

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