Competition #1: Grand Opening
One of my favorite features of TG was always the competitions. I like it because working within set parameters can be a good source of inspiration. Something I have thought about doing to help generate content is to go back and do projects based on the past competitions. My Grand Opening, is the starting gate for a Gaslands death race. Here is my WIP.
I started with something that I felt was missing when I built my first gate. Burning barrels at the top. I started with a flickering tea light my wife got at the thrift store.
[Image: 42669175785_3e4ef418ff_z.jpg]

Disassembly was very simple. It required prying the bottom off at two recessed areas.
[Image: 28687087537_5f4b2b5b45_z.jpg]

The internal design was more simple than I could have hoped.
[Image: 43574232911_c24d1fa3ab_z.jpg]

To help ensure I got the right leg of the LED reconnected to the right place, I cut the lead going to the battery short before I de-soldered it.
[Image: 42669169955_1c9a1e4146_k.jpg]

I like to keep old earbuds and earphones laying around because they are a good source for magnet wire. I burned off the outer coating and soldered the magnet wire to the LED.
[Image: 28687084227_1b16500656_k.jpg]
Next step was assembly of the barrels with the tea light LED. My barrels are 3D printed.
[Image: 41766258610_3a9b95d7e6_k.jpg]

I drilled holes through the barrels and ran the magnet wire through a stack of four barrels. I glued each barrel together as I ran the wire through.
[Image: 43574239981_b8797fe6c7_k.jpg]

One step I didn't get a picture of was soldering the magnet wire back to the terminals in the base of the tea lite, and reassembling the base. This is the stack of barrels prior to re-soldering.
[Image: 42669177245_6035e72c1f_k.jpg]

To hide the base of the tea lite I used great stuff spray foam.
[Image: 42669177495_dbd8a7431e_k.jpg]

Once the foam dried I painted it a grey color. I don't have a picture of the bottom right now showing that you can still access the on / off switch. also a little preview of the fire effect. I plan on making the cotton ball black.
[Image: 28687088637_86ff4fae92_k.jpg]

I gave the foam a wash in Citadel Nulin Oil
[Image: 42669173775_dd70a33149_k.jpg]
My next task is the overhead sign. So fat all I have printed are the truss sections. The signs are currently printing.
[Image: 43527738052_42596941e5_k.jpg]

[Image: 43527737872_948c48ab61_k.jpg]
burning barrels complete
[Image: 42858885974_cca2d6c585_k.jpg]

[Image: 42858886124_c648681835_k.jpg]
It took four hours for my signs to print.
[Image: 28691945917_1dd39c612e_k.jpg]

Painting in progress. I used green craft paint with a wash of Citadel Biel Tan Green.
[Image: 28691945787_d88ed0ec2b_k.jpg]

Final Assembly.
[Image: 28691887957_df96c0b3b0_k.jpg]

[Image: 43532664982_4622fd4478_k.jpg]

[Image: 42674356215_e42383da55_k.jpg]

A little explanation of the final destination on the sign may be in order. The game takes place on an alternate timeline and you are on post apocalyptic Earth. Earth is a wasteland but Mars has been colonized and that is where the rich and famous have gone. The only way to Mars is to either buy your way there, or win events such as death races. These events are televised on Mars through Gaslands TV. Putting Mars as the finish line symbolizes the winner going to Mars.
[Image: 29708838748_e0e033bba2_k.jpg]

By the way, I googled the distance from Earth to Mars. It said 33.9 million miles. I was afraid the decimal wouldn't print well so I rounded up.

And there you have what would have been my entry into competition #1. Not nearly as good as the winning entry, but I enjoyed making it.
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I absolutely love the 34 million miles bit.  Smile
(07-23-2018, 04:25 PM)Munin Wrote: I absolutely love the 34 million miles bit.  Smile

What 3D printer did you use to make those?
(07-25-2018, 04:34 PM)drogan Wrote: What 3D printer did you use to make those?

XYZ Davinci Jr.

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