Gaslands terrain
I got interested in a game called Gaslands. I immediately loved the idea because it combined one of my favorite toys (hot wheels) with gaming. Here are a few terrain pieces I have 3D printed.
[Image: 41669061370_a37acfe845_b.jpg]

[Image: 41669061330_a84ef4f037_b.jpg]

Death race gate
[Image: 43428603162_20251bc59a_k.jpg]

[Image: 43428603132_21a0725a22_k.jpg]

[Image: 29605920348_973e072c5c_k.jpg]
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I've been toying (see what I did there?) with the idea of getting into Gaslands. It's such a low barrier of investment it seems silly not to give it a try. Plus my kids have scads of cars I could "liberate" for the cause.  Wink
The funny thing is that I haven’t played a single game. But I love customizing the cars.

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