MWG forum dead
I haven’t contributed in a while. I have been visiting every once in a while. When I do visit I notice there has been no activity. Some of you surely already know that the forum is dead. Unfortunately I found out too late to do anything. The forum was quite active and it seemed like many members wanted it to go on. It would be great if TG could somehow benefit from it. If I had caught it in time I would have tried to direct members of MWG here. If any TG members have ways of communicating with MWG members maybe they can be directed to TG. If anyone has any ideas to get the members of MWG to come here, TG could be quite active again. That being said I have a feeling that the forum format is too far dead and I am just dreaming. It sure would be fun to get the contests going again.
Yeah, the MWG forum shut down with almost no warning.

In terms of forums as a format, I certainly hope they're not dying. While Facebook and other social media sites like Twitter and Instagram are fine for informal conversations, they are utterly abysmal for organizing or finding information. The ability to keep threads around, have real search functions, and have several topical discussions going on in different places (as opposed to just interleaved base on when people post) is huge. Even Discord, which has grown immensely in popularity recently, doesn't really address this issue aside from creating a new channel for every damn thing.

And yes, I lament the lack of activity here as well. I'd contribute more myself, but we're between houses right now and all of my terrain-making supplies (and much of my painting supplies) are packed in storage. Once the new place is finished, I'll have plenty of 1:1 scale projects.  Sad
The lead adventure forum is still going strong.
(06-29-2018, 05:29 PM)SethDrallitoc Wrote: The lead adventure forum is still going strong.

That is quite interesting. Unfortunately what I really like about TG is the focus on terrain. That may be also the reason for the decline. I read a comment here somewhere that was something like, people who are doing terrain are turning to Facebook, YouTube, and other blogs to share their work.
The ability to share techniques and "how-tos" is one of the things that has always made TG great. I learned a ton of stuff by reading TG over the years.

I do wonder how much of the fall-off in interest in making terrain from scratch by hand stems from the relatively ubiquitous availability of really nice laser-cut and 3D-printed terrain.

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