djmothra's Jungle Terrain
I have never actually held an account there (I have never played Lizardmen), I just rely on you and N810 to share my stuff there.

It seems to be gone though....
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Lustria-online as a name has run out, doesn't look like they are going to get it back anytime soon.
Lustriaonline works fine though.

Check here for more info.
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Just a small bit of random CD based scatter terrain.

[Image: full] 

More to come in the future.
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Simple but effective, nicely done!
Some more Terrain for you.

I dropped a toilet roll in my shower/wetroom... I covered in PVA, let it dry for a week and turned it into a gnarly old hollow tree trunk. I added a few extra bits, some PVA soaked TP for roots and a few limbs.

[Image: full] 

Some cut up foam blocks - same as pyramid from before - and made a wall corner.

[Image: full] 

Aaaand a movable Rope Bridge! Made using crafting sticks, floral wire & tape!

[Image: full] 

All together in the corner of my classroom.

[Image: full] 

C&Cs welcome and appreciated!
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I feel like the rocks could be a little bit more realistic, especially since the plants are so well-done. But that TP roll tree trunk is genius!
(04-07-2018, 01:26 AM)djmothra Wrote: Some more Terrain for you.

Aaaand a movable Rope Bridge! Made using crafting sticks, floral wire & tape!
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I really like the colouring on those planks! Where did you use tape?
I pretty much copied this:

I did the ends differently, but everything else - the tape, twisting etc is the same.

The planks are coloured with a black wash straight over the light brown lollystick colour. then drybrushed white. I then added some yellow pastel/chalk to the center to make it look like someone has been walking over it.
The end result is very realistic looking.
Made some Idoneth Deepkin* inspired scatter scenery on CDs similar to my Jungle terrain - mainly just for fun. make them look like they are underwater and yet on dry land at the same time...

This time made with broken Plaster of Paris bits and filler. Paint is only washes over it.

[Image: full]

[Image: full]

The plants are from an Aquarium and the critters are from a toy shop - they aren't glued down and can easily be moved / removed.

*A new 'Underwater Elf' faction for Warhammer AoS.

C&Cs welcome as always.
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