Desert Terrain Mat
I built some Agyptian Terrain for an upcoming campaign of Blades and Heroes from both Greenstuff World

[Image: IMG_20171231_165818.jpg]

and Hirst Arts blocks

[Image: IMG_20171231_165922.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20171231_170038.jpg]

Now I need some ground to place them on.  What I wanted to do for quite some time is a flexible gaming mat.

I watched plenty of YouTube videaos on the topic, but the recently published video by the Terrain Tutor was the tip on the dare to give it a try.

Here are the components:

[Image: IMG_20171228_201900.jpg]

As fabric, I use painter fleece, the one I choose has a bottom of plastic sheeting, which should help keeping the acrylic and the colour on the fleece.

[Image: IMG_20171228_201932.jpg]

I pinned the fleece to the board with pins.

[Image: IMG_20171228_203037.jpg]

Then added one thin layer of acrylic.

[Image: IMG_20171228_225628.jpg]

This is how the mat looked after a second layer of acrylic. It took me about 1.5 tubes.

[Image: IMG_20171230_110545.jpg]

I then applied thinned PVA glue (1:1) and sprinkled on two grains of sand. Here is the first learning: When applying white PVA onto a white surface, tint it with something. I went with the reflection of light, and thought I got everything coated - when I tapped off the excess sand, there were some quite visible spare patches. I touched them up, but they are visible now as they are a bit higher than the rest...

[Image: IMG_20171231_080609.jpg]

After sealing the sand in with watered down PVA (1:6 + washing-up liquid) and letting this coat dry thoroughly, I stippled on a first coat of paint.

[Image: IMG_20171231_151157.jpg]
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Really nice work here.
Thank you Smile

A second coat gave a much better coverage.

[Image: IMG_20180108_205413.jpg]

I then used the same sand colour as for the obelisks and statues.

[Image: IMG_20180109_201237.jpg]

Then the whole board got a drybrush of white.

[Image: IMG_20180109_224239.jpg]

I used the same flock I already applied to the miniature's bases, basecoating with the dark one and sprinkling on highlights with the light one.

[Image: IMG_20180115_222913.jpg]

The mat after the flocking:

[Image: IMG_20180111_201253.jpg]

I then used the bottom of the board as a guide for cutting the mat. This meant that the parts folded over the sides remained. Those I painted with the base ochre brown, which gives me a nice frame.

[Image: IMG_20180113_145848.jpg]

Here is the mat with some terrain on and my Agyptians scouring the area for Richards pesky Greeks.

[Image: IMG_20180113_150133.jpg]

Here is the mat rolled up.

[Image: IMG_20180113_150807.jpg]

Project done Smile
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Very nice!

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