Pinterest board?
Does anyone here use Pinterest?

For years I used to save pictures of hobby to my phone or computer and group them into folders to look at later for inspiration.

Discovering Pinterest has probably been the BEST thing that's happened to me in terms of developing details and pushing inspiration.

Not sure if allowed, but I'll post the link to one of my boards.

Here is all the stuff I've simply saved under the label of Various Terrain and there we have mountain formations, mechanical works, ridges, plains, terminals, everything.

I have been using it maybe 6 months and I think for anyone out there trying to really push themselves and expand their skill set this is the way to go. You can simple search what you want and Pinterest will make other suggestions based on that.

The pins will also take you (if they're properly linked) to the original article so if there is more you wanted to know about how to make doorways or windows or magnetizing pieces for your terrain, it's all in there.

Enough blabbing. Try for yourself.

Happy Pinning!
I also use Pinterest and have pinned posts from TG especially those of my own work. I don't know if that has lead to anything.
I've been meaning to unceremoniously pin my own posts to draw more attention to my services and hopefully inspire others the same way pinterest does for me but I got no idea how and I have about 5000 photos in my phone of various projects... Hard to cycle through.

I have seen my stuff pop up on Pinterest though, even some really old stuff I didn't even have photos of myself! So that was really cool and its humbling to see others enjoy your work.

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