Lizardmen Terrain Set
I'm back! We have a new person doing our inspections who isn't as bothered about "clutter" so time to make some terrain.

The idea behind this project is to work with mrsquiglesworth to build matching terrain sets for our lizardmen armies. When I say matching, they won't be identical pieces but there will be a piece for each of different base ideas. My lizardmen are going to be from the middle of the desert and mrsquiglesworth's army is originally from the sunken city, so the pieces will be completely different which should make for an interesting collaborative build.

Our list of items to include in our terrain sets is:
  • Spawning Pool
  • Monument to the Old Ones
  • Objectives
  • Plant cover
  • Temple/Pyramid
  • Hills
  • Shelter
  • Rocks

So, on to the start of my set, and I chose to start with rocks.

I started out by going through my bag of foam offcuts and shaping a base, as there aren't really trees in the desert I decided to make a "forest" of rocks and cut some chunks of foam to shape later.

[Image: 37822346152_1d6fe2bfe4_z.jpg]

[Image: 37596308550_35239b311d_z.jpg]

Next I roughly carved pillars and a thin cave like piece, smoothed them with sandpaper and added sediment layer texture by using a folded edge of sandpaper.

[Image: 37822344892_40655692f4_z.jpg]

After gluing in place with PVA wood glue, I decided I needed more height, so I made more pieces of rock and stacked them on the pillars to make them more impressive.

[Image: 37596386360_cc9f76c23a_z.jpg]

[Image: 37596385340_ab18d9612f_z.jpg]

[Image: 37805526136_379bae64dd_z.jpg]

[Image: 37596383480_831845f08a_z.jpg]

Now I need to work out the best way to paint on the base colour as whenever I paint foam by hand I end up with blue bits showing it safe to use an airbrush on foam?
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Vampyre Venom
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It is safe to use an airbrush on foam...


...the paint going thru the brush is water based.

If the paint thins with anything Other than water do not use it on foam.

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Thank you pendrake, as soon as we can afford a new hose (discovered that it has a hole in when I attached the compressed air today) I can paint my rocks, either that or I'll have to make do with bits of foam showing through.

As I couldn't paint today, I started on my hills. I want my hills to look like sand dunes, however as that wouldn't be practical for gaming purposes I've gone for somewhere between stylised hill and sand dune. I started by cutting a block of foam in two and cutting the two pieces roughly to shape. I then sanded all edges, bar one that I like the shape of, and added a slight inset into one hill to hopefully give the appearance of sand travelling over and piling beneath once finished (or at least vaguely looking like that...)

[Image: 24054863478_60e7e2241a_z.jpg]

[Image: 24054860218_c4fdc62edf_z.jpg]

[Image: 24054859908_afbbde874b_z.jpg]

[Image: 24054860588_be0cd05385_z.jpg]
This picture shows the lip described earlier, the top edge is slightly thicker than the effect I want would usually look like but as this will be used in games it needs to be somewhat sturdier. While it looks deeper here, it is only about 3 mm deep so will be subtler when the piece is painted, textured etc.

[Image: 24054861068_d007457c8f_z.jpg]
Here is the textured edge that I like the shape of, although in this picture the piece looks like a glacier (must get an SLR).

I may have to raid the local pound shop soon as I'm not allowed to use the last bit of sheet foam...or I'll have to make another hill.
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Vampyre Venom
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I made some sand dunes out of foam once. I have packed them away. Somewhere.
They worked with Flames of War. Little tanks in the Sahara. Doubtful the method would scale up.
I suppose you could always try duct tape on the hose...
Why does it need to be sprayed again? I usually just brush on the first coat of paint with foam.

Ooooh, I did some sand dunes a while back. I'll go dig through my archives and see if I can find any WIP photos...

Also: Great to have you back here on TG, LVV!!!
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