Building for Infinity (the game)
So I was building some wall sections from 3mm MDF and wood trim that could be joined with door sections to make rooms

[Image: y4m0YQYhh4MQ3HHkMzSOVa9WZ2PhWnTrsEkg8xtE...pmode=none]

[Image: y4mvQqXeDPGRVboOd6yaLYmJ7MUsyjefcIq_4QjM...pmode=none]

when the FLGS asked if I could design some simple terrain for a build class

[Image: y4m4lma1jRP1Wo3xsriUnsnMn-DXJ9Dlu609vdcm...pmode=none]

But I got bored with that and tried to make something from some leftover pizza boxes instead 

[Image: y4mziqFHD93wHTRTvZZuqy21kvyGohHP0MZGafP3...pmode=none][Image: y4mv6A9jWxwCAPl7As1dVCowYOpcVmVq-j2jrOu2...pmode=none]

[Image: y4mPyivGm3IO0WBtIw9ygm7nBEeTyH9O8IIimZJZ...pmode=none]

[Image: y4m1R-oHPjpPItpO7IBugrojkn72IgWRQ-N0kdbp...pmode=none]

[Image: y4mvwe0KN7mK3Bsf1XW-YfFsT493BssdCzuBO-YP...pmode=none]

[Image: y4mLqywUgEsJ3-Lnsw0BUahGhfG5ZUznOuIyg57b...pmode=none]

LED Christmas lights came from the $2 shop, rewired and fed up through the support legs, battery pack fits under the floor easily, can be used when you have power cut to light your house (true story) - hot glue to insulate and position the wiring, 22 cal brass for the light shrouds, CD case to make the clear roof (no more forgotten dudes)

These structures are big enough to fit your hand inside to move your little dudes around, strong enough to handle easily, not sure about durability yet . . .

Bugbait out 
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Very nice work!

I like the modularity and simplicity of style. They give great effect with less work.

I also really like the light patterns coming out of your hex-pods. The shapes of them are quite appealing as well. Smile
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Fantastic! I love it.


I remember the name from my old forum days. I remember your massive thread about basically building anything out of cardboard and home-found materials.

Good to see you're still at it. Keen to see what you do here.
Great stuff. I particularly like the windows in your pizza box huts. Did you use old blister packs? I buy a fair number of Hot Wheels cars and am inspired to hold onto a few blisters for windows.

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