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$1 papercraft model kits from Dave Graffam -- one week only!
Hey folks, I'm running a $1 sale on almost all of my older print-and-build model kits - lots of fantasy/medieval stuff, ruins, and some sci-fi goodies. Sale ends September 22nd, so grab everything you see while you can! The images below are just a sampling of what's available.

Check out my complete catalog here:

[Image: split-ruin.jpg] [Image: tall-ruin.jpg] [Image: world-war-ruins-01.jpg] [Image: armorers-workshop.jpg] [Image: asylum.jpg] [Image: butchers-shop.jpg] [Image: clock-tower-02.jpg] [Image: inventors-house.jpg] [Image: longhouse.jpg] [Image: village-chapel.jpg] [Image: west-gate.jpg] [Image: watch-tower.jpg] [Image: east-gate.jpg] [Image: stone-tile-kit-02.jpg] [Image: wizards-shop-rakes-corner.jpg] [Image: marauder-ship.jpg] [Image: patrol-boat.jpg] [Image: watch-station.jpg] [Image: offworld-habitat-type-01.jpg] [Image: spaceport-containers.jpg] [Image: bunker-deluxe-kit.jpg] [Image: metal-tile-kit-04.jpg] [Image: spaceport-tiles-02.jpg]

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