Dreadnought wreak
As explained elsewhere, I decided to start another project as part of this contest.
So I started building a space marine dreadnought from printed templates. Said templates are made by an Ukrainian papercraft master named Eli Patoroch.
How does it qualify as a terrain, you may ask?
Well, I will use it as a part of a scenery after beating it up a bit Smile

So without further due, here are the first pictures:
[Image: v-u5elRdobkbefH2eBGY4EBsD-_fjc6-BVYCtCKh...82-h743-no]
The most interesting part so far has been finding a creative way to create the exhaust pipe.
The templates proposed a simple solution with rolled up paper, but I wanted a pipe full of holes (as in the original Citadel miniature).
I finally settled for a combination of punched out drinking straw, cotton bud tube and rolled paper.
[Image: mnE7nzUdkSZ968Hql_ngA_1rHeH4vXU7aJyVozQL...74-h743-no]
[Image: FbgFR0OyB-_UjaRQfJ39r8p24nXmuDHRdYxi3r8v...95-h678-no]
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Some serious papercraft going on here! Awesome job so far.

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