WiP Ruined Tower/Dragons Roost
Hey Everybody, I was a fan of this site back in the days of the old forum, but got out of the hobby for a long while. I just recently started back up and I started remembering all the tips I got from this site. So here is my first real, big project. I started it earlier today by drawing out the stone walls on dense core foam, then I cut the walls from the foam how I wanted, and hot glued them in place. I the added a base of double corrugated cardboard for a second floor, and layered the floor with broken popcicle sticks. I then added some PVA glue around the base added debris. Next I will give the whole thing a wash of 50/50 PVA and water to seal the foam and paint. Will up date as I go.


[Image: 9GVeX]
Welcome Nelmarticus! Glad to have you with us. 

I look forward to watching your progress.

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I've done that for the image you tried to display above so we can all see your cool work. Smile

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Thank you. I'm posting from my phone, and I am not very tech savvy, I did try. Ha ha. Thanks for the tip!
So I had a few hours to do some painting today, and I managed to get quite a few projects finished up, and make some progress on my tower.
Since my last post, I sealed the entire model in two coats of a mixture of 50/50 water and Pva (White) Glue. When that was dry, I sprayed the entire thing with black spray paint. I then coated it with 3 layers of progressively lighter grey, on the stone, and layering Burnt umber, Bronze Yellow, and Unbleached Titanium on the floors and roof timbers. I then sponged on some burnt umber and deep green permanent, to add some variation and to give a slightly dirty effect to the stone. I then very lightly highlighted the edges of the Timbers stone with a mixture of 75/25 titanium and unbleached titanium.  Im not sure how Im going to do the ground just yet. I need to look at some things for inspiration.

[Image: y3gKZ9x.jpg]
It definitely needs moss/mildew too. Back when I did some old graveyard terrain, I found that random stippling near ground level with dark-gray and olive-drab produced a really nice effect. I think that would help break up the uniformity of color in your stonework.  
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I took your advise, and using hot glue added some vines to the walls, I also added a muddy texture to the ground.
I then layered Burnt Umber, raw sienna, and topped with Dark green permanent for the vines, and I painted the mud burnt umber, washed with raw sienna, and then once that was dry, drybrushed with burnt umber and raw sienna 50/50. I then add some thin pva glue to area of the wall and added sand, when that was fry i painted that dark green permanent, light green permanet, topped with brilliant yellow green to simulate some moss. the grass area will be layers of darker green, successively lightened with light green, and the sand areas will be dry brushed with light grey to simulate small rubble, when i get another chance to paint.
[Image: GL3Jo4Z.jpg]

[Image: P9hi9IBr.jpg]
So here is the final piece. This is only meant for tabletop gameplay, so its not the most intricate thing ever, but as a rusty amateur, I think it came out pretty well. This is going to be the Thundertree Dragon encounter location, in the Lost Mines Of Phandelver campaign I am currently running. I will post more as I crank stuff out.
[Image: rUzyXQFr.jpg]
[Image: rdkTcFc.jpg][Image: C1gQzwu.jpg]
[Image: jZ9AMMv.jpg]
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Your players should have a great time with your terrain. Smile

Well done.

You know, once you start building, it's hard to stop. Looking forward to seeing your future work. Big Grin
A couple of suggestions. I like what you've done so far but some things to ponder over to ramp it up for next time.

If you can, sand down your edges on the base boards it will blend a lot better. Spending a few dollars on sanding blocks/sponges will give you a good variety when you need it.

With the painting, if you can find a water soluble can of spray it wont eat your hard work when you prime it.

Add some washes to the recesses of the rocky texture, different colors of browns and greens will always demand attention.

Get some flock, or make some of your own if you can (there's plenty of tutorials online) and use that to cover up edges or gaps in terrain that didn't seal/close properly.

Hope to see more work from you Smile

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