3D Battletech Hexmap - Jungle Ruins
Congrats on finishing another epic Hex Map. Big Grin
Awesome! Love it!

So...what's next?
This has been, another, truely awesome and inspiring build! I didnt think you could top the pirate cove/jungle terrain, but this is so good!
Thanks all. Big Grin

I forgot to mention that I went back over the white caulk with some of my clear finish. The caulk was glossy, but adding some clear finish not only made it and the surrounding surfaces look wetter, but it made the caulk surface nice and smooth, not rubbery. The main problem I've had with caulk as water in the past is that it is a dust magnet, and keeping it looking wet requires constant wiping down with a damp rag.
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Hello everyone,

I heard back from the person who commissioned these maps. Apparently the maps were a hit. I'm passing along their first impression

Quote:Well I unpacked the boxes and everything came through without a scratch thanks to your packing job. The boxes had some gouges in them but all on the surface.

I retrieved the cd with your work-in-progress files and watched them.

The one word I kept mumbling as I read and watched your account of making this board. That word was UNBELIEVABLE..... And It truly was.

Looking at the boards I can see that the pics do not do them justice. Some of the detail is breathtaking and the Wolf head brought a tear to my eye.

These boards are so much more than I anticipated and I honestly feel that if you had charged me what they were truly worth I would never have been able to afford them.

I will take pics of us playing on them so you can post them to your followers if you like. Looks like that will be around Thanksgiving atm but I'll let you know.

At some point I would like to get you to make 1 more for me, maybe the size of 2 of these sections. But for now I am just grateful to have this set and I will take care of it as a prized possession. I do have 1 question though. Will storing them on their sides bolted the way you did cause the trees to lean down due to gravity and if so is it OK to straighten them up once laid flat?

Feel free to post this letter on your website if you want and thanks again for everything.

I reassured him that the trees are plenty stiff enough to not sag when the maps are stored on edge. I've been storing mine on edge for years with no problems at all.

Thanks again everyone for your support and suggestions.

Happy building everyone!
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So there are video files? can we see them?
(10-08-2017, 03:21 PM)ableman33 Wrote: And finally, here are a BUNCH of flyover clips, because who doesn't like shaky out-of-focus video clips with lots of camera noise? Smile
(Sorry folks, only the last one has any music, and that wasn't on purpose.)

In truth, I find even poor quality video clips can often give a better impression of the reality of a piece of terrain than multiple good still pics.

Broken Bridge Details

Broken Bridge 2

Canal Mesa

Central Mesa

Central Valley

Small and Large Valleys

Small and Large Valleys 2

Four Maps Wide to Wide

Long Strip

Mesa Water Details


Wolf's Head Bridge

Cliff Detail (with music)

@ SethDrallitoc:
These links are from earlier in the post. They are the last of the "flyover" videos I made before packing everything up.

I'll have to wait until the person who commissioned these maps sends me pics I can share of the maps in use, though it looks like that might not be for another month (around Thanksgiving).
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This is amazing. I was really unsure of where this was going, I thought you were mental but here we are with an insanely cool end result.

I have one suggestion though, hot glue doesn't have a lot of tension hold, it holds best by swallowing up whatever it's trying to glue. I suggest liquid nails. 

I glue down all my main boards with it and it's not let me down yet. Make sure spread it thin so it doesn't lift and always weigh down your boards while you wait for it to dry.

100% liquid nails is the go-to. 

Congrats on getting this done. I assume Battletech is a pretty small scale game but this looks like it could almost work for necromunda or shadow war with it being so terrain heavy and intricate.

Good stuff. 
Hello everyone,

I'm not sure how many folks are still active here.

I deeply enjoyed my time with the TG community, but realized that this was not the best place to permanently store my projects and work-in-progress threads.

So, I've taken the plunge and started my own website:  handcraftedterrain.com

I lost a lot of my old posts during the TG purges a while back, but I intend to repost all the material I have from my old projects.

That may take a while, though.

In the meantime, you can follow along as I work on my latest project.

Hope to see you all there!  Smile

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