Gavin's WIP and Misc
Figured I might as well share some of this stuff.

[Image: OxNOGO3.jpg]
Basing up some Khorne guys. Just like my terrain, this is three different sizes of rocks and sand over a generous layer of PVA.

[Image: PjrITIi.jpg]
These guys are at the previous stage. With Chaos guys I like to make them a little taller by putting bits of plastic under their feet, then building up the bases with clay or filler.

[Image: LgvBBQg.jpg]
A unit of ten Tzeentch warriors also going through the basing process.

[Image: G0yNrTp.jpg]
My first five marauder horsemen, with the "javelins" option. I'll be trimming down the rectangle bases a bit before gluing them onto the ovals, again for some extra height. The bowman actually has goblin arms.

[Image: JwBIcFj.jpg]
Another ten warriors of Tzeentch, but this time they're almost done.

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