Overgrown Battlefield
Hi guys,
I'm back after about nine years. The new forums look nice. I remember back in the day I had big plans to make a tavern built underneath a crashed fighter ship that never panned out - this time it's something a little less ambitious. Basically, the plan is to make a small section of an old battlefield that's been overgrown by new trees and plants.

I started with an old DVD and some conifers from the hobby store - these will represent new trees that have grown in the years since the battle.

[Image: 6XFrzD5.jpg]

I glued a few rocks to the base, then built up the ground a bit with some spackle. Once that dried, I sealed it with a quick coat of paint/PVA/water/coffee grounds. Next step will be to add bits and detail to the ground.

[Image: QMIVyU3.jpg]
I added some weapons, helmets and skulls as a reminder of the battle that once happened. After that, it was just a matter of coating sections in PVA and adding three different sizes of grit and some "dead" static grass.
[Image: hVrTF5s.jpg]
Once that dried, I gave the whole thing a generous soaking with a mix of watered down PVA and paint. This is a vital step that will seal everything in and transform it from a bunch of crap stuck to a cd into a miniature.
[Image: JnJs7IG.jpg]
Once this is dry, it will be time to paint.
Well, I went and made another one.

[Image: TrodhJu.jpg]

Ready for paint. I'll give them a light spray of white, then go to work with washes and some drybrushing.

[Image: tK8aN7k.jpg]
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Nice ground texture and a good assortment of battlefield debris just don't forget to make 'em rusty ('cause I like rust).
[Image: 3ouNplJ.jpg?1]
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I really should have known better than to try to link directly from Drive.

[Image: wgRqQ9e.jpg?1]
Getting somewhere.

[Image: 6G0clzR.jpg?1]
Almost done!

[Image: jNGCLna.jpg?1]

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