Comp. IX: Anything Goes!
Due to a unique tied win situation in the previous competition, I will organize this one while everyone can pitch in their $0.02 on how ties will be handled in the future. (Join the discussion here.)

So, while that's going on... let's get nuts! This comp's theme is that there is no theme. Tongue It's going to be a free-for-all. Is there something you need to build for your table? Build it. Want to try a new technique? Then try it. Is there some radical project you've always wanted to do but didn't have a reason? Here's your reason. Just make and submit something, because "anything goes"!

I know this may seem like a lazy excuse for a comp theme, but I'm hoping it will spark a lot of participation. Hopefully we'll see some new faces on the voting polls at the end of June(myself included). Also, I think that it's going to be really cool to see the variety come together in one comp.

There are some obvious guidelines that need to be considered. Projects do need to stay in the realm of miniature scale. No submitting the 1:1  wood shed project you're building in your backyard, or your kitchen remodel. "Anything goes" does not mean that you can submit a model project quickly slapped together, unpainted, or otherwise unfinished. 
Hmm... Maybe I'll do my pyramid capstone room piece as a competition entry.

It's pretty much completely separate from my ongoing pyramid project (it could even work as a stand-alone terrain piece).

I had already been thinking of making a separate thread for the capstone room so that the players in the campaign wouldn't see it when they were perusing the general pyramid construction WIP thread.

The plan is for the capstone to have intricate mechanical and electrical details that form an in-game puzzle for the players to solve.

Would this be acceptable? I haven't done any work on this part of the project yet, so it would be built entirely during the contest.
Oh man... I already have a bunch of ideas... but they are all BIG projects. If I have learnt anything during the last comp it is that I really don't have the time for BIG things. So I'm going to try and come up with something smaller and less time consuming. No ideas yet though...
I have something I need to finish.

And Tob would like it if I did some more 'shrooms.

Yeah, I'm in - no idea what yet though.
Well I just made new friends who are interested in starting a Frostgrave campaign... Though we are thinking of foregoing the ice-covered city and moving the setting to a Jungle. So my Lustria terrain is going into full force once again. Also I just returned from Chichén Itzá so I'm brimming with inspiration.

I have no idea what I am building - but it will be Jungly/Temply. <I can't believe "jungly" is a real word.
I have zero ideas for this comp.

I usually use the theme to generate ideas as I am not an active player and just make terrain because I enjoy it. Consequently, I don't actually have anything that needs to be finished off or improved upon.

Although, I have always wanted to make a dice roller (a piece of terrain that fits in with my other terrain that you pour dice in the top and they come perfectly rolled and randomised at the bottom). Maybe this is the time for that.
(05-01-2016, 09:46 PM)ableman33 Wrote: Would this be acceptable?  I haven't done any work on this part of the project yet, so it would be built entirely during the contest.

Sure, go ahead. Just as long as it is submitted as a stand-alone piece. Smile

Blocky -- I have also always wanted to do a dice tower... I think you should! That way I can get ideas. Wink
All right everyone, less than a week left to go!

If you've started a project, we're rooting for you to get it finished. Smile

If you've been waiting until the last minute to jump in and try something, the time is now. Big Grin

Best of luck to everyone. There are some fantastic projects out there. I really want to see as many of you at the finish line as possible.

(Now I just need to pick up the pace on my own project... Tongue)
Aaargh. Now that this one's almost over, I have an idea. Of course I'm leaving on travel tomorrow, so even now that inspiration has struck me, I'll have to sit on it. Hopefully it will fit the next competition.
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