Scrounged and Salvaged Ship.
My first ever Terragenesis Comp entry.

I recently came up with an idea for a Warhammer campaign scenario that requires a ship/boat. Since it will mostly be made of reclaimed materials and scrap - it fits in.

A scrounged and salvaged ship - made of scrounged and salvaged materials.
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(01-16-2016, 11:22 AM)SethDrallitoc Wrote: My first ever Terragenesis Comp entry.

A scrounged and salvaged ship - made of scrounged and salvaged materials.
I guess "Welcome aboard" seems appropriate (groans all round).

Doubling down on the theme, I like it.
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The junk:
Cardboard box leftover from Christmas presents
[Image: 20160115_163253_zps4kykhvgo.jpg]

Thin card from some leftover political pamphlets
[Image: 005_zps5ckle4fi.jpg]

At my last job they gave me this whole box of business cards - despite the fact that I never had anything but phone and email contact with anyone outside of my office....
[Image: 20160116_085229_zpsq9qewfdr.jpg]

When we moved into our new house, there were all sorts of useless wires running around the place. I kept a few random lengths from going into the skip.
[Image: 24516472002_7ceb2a62a1_m.jpg]

When I built my gaming table in my basement I was left with this small off cut of wood and this leftover piece of dowel. I threw them into my toolbox knowing that they would one day come in handy. Also pictured are some ice lolly/popsicle sticks (sadly these are not recycled).
[Image: 24624820555_d0d0455a7d_m.jpg]

The foil from the top of a wine bottle
[Image: 006_zpsmpnvodpp.jpg]
Leftover spru - from various kits.
[Image: 002_zpsfvbtvisp.jpg]

Bolts and washers - Literally found in the sweepings while I was cleaning my garage. I have no idea if they belong somewhere important - they do now!
[Image: 003_zpsndwdsczo.jpg]

Anyone recognize this? No? Not even the Brits? The Lawgiver MK1. It belonged to Psi-Judge Anderson. She met with a terrible demise at the paws of David the cat. I placed her weapon in my bits box where it has waited patiently for over 8 years.
[Image: 001_zps6tiehoka.jpg]

A bubble tea straw (courtesy of my wife) a pair of corks (also courtesy of the wife) and some super-glue lids, which I kept when the glue ran out.
[Image: 004_zpsvlg7dwhr.jpg]

A cheese cloth. My wife was throwing this out (because it's full of very large holes). She used it many times over to make Paneer. She actually said to me - "this would make some good rigging for your boat". I replied that the boat didn't have a mast - but I took it anyway as another idea struck.
[Image: 24648018822_94303e1d34_m.jpg]

I found this bracelet underneath my table, one night, many years ago, at the Crocodile Lounge in NYC. I'm deeply sorry if it belonged to you. Trust me when I say: It's going to a better place... Many better places.
[Image: 24470301180_ed5085068e_m.jpg]
Started building up the shape with the corrugated card using the political pamphlets for the more complex pieces (curves etc).  
[Image: 20160115_153157_zpschdptdul.jpg]
[Image: 20160115_162857_zpsrqod5kge.jpg]

Started cutting up the business cards to make details to add to the base.
[Image: 20160115_175009_zps2zfuqmk2.jpg]
Began gluing down the detail parts.
[Image: 20160117_210520_zpsh5lt3ufm.jpg]

I am forced to use purchased craft supplies today. Sure - they are ice lolly/popsicle sticks, but here in Buffalo (this time of year), such things are not readily available for salvaging.
Progressed with the detailing:
[Image: 20160118_183520_zpsah7lzvlw.jpg]
(01-18-2016, 09:36 PM)Asdel Wrote: Fantastic!
So far so good. 

Did you come up with an idea yet?  
I braved the frigid cold of my garage this morning to us my scroll saw, drill press, belt sander and a hammer...
[Image: 20160119_101453_zpsyrjl1dw9.jpg]
Stripped and twisted some of the wire to make some rope:
[Image: 20160119_155418_zpst6ok6vaq.jpg]
So now I have:
[Image: 20160119_145243_zpsmk8f8koi.jpg]
BUILD DAY 5 (Yesterday)
Added more railings more steel plates and lots of tiny rivets.

OH! - And paint!
[Image: 20160121_103550.png_zpsg5c18ybm.jpeg]

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