glazed windows, how to?
Hi all,
been a while since I checked in - things have picked up a bit since I did!

I'm looking for some ideas on how to do glazed windows at 28mm (or roughly 1/56 if you prefer) - I'm looking for a quick-ish technique that won't make me question my sanity.

Any thoughts/examples?

I don't know what kind of style you're looking for, but I've done it before where I print off the window panes and put a sheet of clear plastic over it (from some food packaging or blister packs). Then all you have to do is put the frame on to hide the edges.
[Image: DSCN4755.jpg]
[Image: DSCN4918.jpg]
I've had decent results with black bug mesh. If needed, a piece of clear plastic could be placed behind it.
I used the plastic backing of Disposable Gel Packs (the ones that usually live in the fridge and you put them on your forehead, those kind of ones)

[Image: imag0394-jpg.2774]

Cut out to shape - a little white drybrush...and like so!

[Image: imag0396-jpg.2776]
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(07-01-2015, 08:53 PM)djmothra Wrote: I used the plastic backing of Disposable Gel Packs (the ones that usually live in the fridge and you put them on your forehead, those kind of ones)

I don't know what kind of gel packs those are but the material is awesome for windows.
At many stationery store you can get overhead transparency sheets (not as common now, with PowerPoint available), that come in A4 (or 8.5x11" on this side of the Atlantic) and these will take colour laser printing for various types of coloured windows, like stained glass for cathedrals and churches or painted windows like store displays, or even Science Fiction display panels.
I take a piece of Aluminium mesh (used for clay sculptures) and spray paint it black. I always start with a larger piece than I need and cut it to size afterwards.
[Image: wind01_zpsm8m7fsac.jpg]

Then I use magnets to clamp it to the front of a Blister Pack / other rigid clear plastic from my recycling box.
[Image: wind03_zps1nrvasqw.jpg]

Pour on one or two coats of 50/50 water/white glue (allow to cure fully before adding a second coat).
[Image: wind04_zps1yvvszmk.jpg]

While that dries I cut out the hole for my window and line the inside with coffee stirrers. Leaving 1-2mm of extra space where the "glass" will go. I also make the front of the window (not shown).
[Image: wind05_zpstoqwmymn.jpg]

Cut the "glass" to fit and place in the hole (I don't even bother gluing it).
[Image: wind06_zpsjihjtvfa.jpg]

Glue on the window front.
[Image: wind07_zps7qizeltr.jpg]

Lead glazed window.
[Image: wind08_zpscbbfcggy.jpg]

This whole thing took less than 2 hours including drying time.
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hello everyone,

first i wanted to say hello because this is my first post on the forums. so thanks for the add and here is my first contribution.

though it's maybe not the fastest way for windows but if you produce a bigger sheet it will be enough for a few houses. 
when i did this the first time i added the windows afterwards to my building. later i just made them as a part of the walls with the space open in between. i applied the glass just by glueing a slightly bigger sheet of my glass-net from the inside with some pva.
[Image: 11411687_1415744592084993_7933766601921520167_o.jpg]
as seen in the photograph i took some flyscreen/window-net and covered it with cheap nail-varnish. you can add a colorful sheet of plasitc to the back to make it blue.

if you're looking for a diamond-shaped net just go to your local market and buy some garlic. they usually are packed in a net like that.

because its usally not black i mounted the net with some pins to a sheet of cardboard with a hole in the middle and sprayed it with matt black spray-paint. the biggest issue of that net is its flexibility. after the spray paint it lost a bit of that but if you glue it to a (colorful) plastic sheet it will almost stay like this.
[Image: 11807710_1451891688470283_3727804496764245308_o.jpg][Image: 11222677_1427965084196277_606533815458876959_o.jpg]

here are some close-up examples of clear materials i used to make some "glass", i put them on baking-paper, so it didn't stick to the surface i had it laying on
be aware that there are fluids that will dissolve the varnish and destroy the glass. (superglue)

1. Clear acrylic gel with a thin blue plastic sheet. i didnt have to use glue cause the gel did the job well. as you can see its a bit bubbly but the gel is very simple to use and can be used for various other things (water, fire etc.)

2. matt varnish . just sprayed it with some cheap matt varnish.

3. cheap clear and glossy nail varnish, heavily applied,

1.                                                                         2.                                                           3.
[Image: 11846552_1451891311803654_77183465733237...e=56519A9D][Image: 11828617_1451891345136984_20016047395690...e=5659A139][Image: 11062382_1451891351803650_75882700106193...e=565499C5]

and of course here how it could look on a building. the reason  i made my windows all out of clear materials was to put led-light inside the houses to spice it a bit up Smile

i think if you put some white/bright yellow paper behind these windows they should also look quite good without the leds.

[Image: 11825087_1451891085137010_59814777170642...e=563EB7FE][Image: 11807432_1451891108470341_9100526775739676591_o.jpg]

i hope thats not too much - and of course i hope that helped someone Smile
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Ooh, I've seen this before - Mel's Terrainiancs Perhaps? or was it DMScottys Page? I forget Smile

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