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Perspectives requested (modular gaming table crafting materials)
Hello all,
I am new to making terrain and am looking for information on what types of foam/base materials are preferable for making landform tiles suitable for 1:48 scale. I have looked around in the forums here and not found any specific brands or types named, apologies if I have overlooked something obvious.

My intention is to make 8 2x2' tiles, using a 1/4" (or 3/8" ?) MDF base with 1" foam glued to the top of each with PVA.

However, I've read horror stories about MDF warping due to pva, other water-based adhesives, or humidity. Is MDF the best choice for this application or do you think there might be a better alternative?

As for the foam, I am looking at getting a few sheets of Corafoam for carving, but again I am a noob and would like to know if you have a better recommendation.

Thank you for your input.
Terra Novicius.

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