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Unexploded Bomb
For this competition I decided to build another small piece for post-apocalyptic gaming, an unexploded atomic bomb.
I wanted the bomb to look similar to the old “Fat Man” design and as luck would have it I found a bag of 35mm long Styrofoam eggs meant for Easter decorations so I used one for the body of the bomb.
[Image: 25918096683_c7ab45f6f0_z.jpg]
For the tail fin assembly I used the cap off a soy sauce container and some 1mm card.  I considered sanding down the caps ridges but decided that they added character and made aligning the fins much easier so I left them on.
[Image: 26520973495_95556fd518_z.jpg]

[Image: 26520973025_77a8806442_z.jpg]

[Image: 26248120300_7512488795_z.jpg]

[Image: 26520971615_12e32aefab_z.jpg]
For the impact crater I used a 95mm diameter piece of 3mm MDF and some scrap Styrofoam.  After sanding and gluing it into place it was textured with a mix of sand and kitty litter.
[Image: 26495021636_74dfe8a4b2_z.jpg]

[Image: 26495021346_4cdc4a7bb0_z.jpg]
I decided to add a bit of Mojave Desert vegetation and went with a young Pinyon Pine.  The tree sprue is from a Korean company but since I can’t read Hangul characters I have no idea what it’s called.  The sprue was painted a mid-grey and then washed with raw sienna and then given a light drybrush of grey.  The outer branches were then given a coat of PVA and then some Woodland Scenics olive green underbrush was used for the foliage.
[Image: 26428635152_498c4c0a93_z.jpg]

[Image: 26520958315_bc68b47229_z.jpg]

Next up, painting, assembling and detailing.
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