Mediterranean Island Pirate Mega-Map ReaperCon 2012
Once my sawdust texture mix dried, I took down the small spiky bits by going over the flat surfaces with a sanding block. I sanded just enough to take off any peaks that would have tilted units or made placing a hand down uncomfortable, making sure that the main texture effect remained in place.

As I was sanding, I also realized that my effort to use tape to make the edges between my maps nice and clean was not as effective as I would have hoped.

The tape led to my creating little sharp edged walls that stuck above the level of the terrain wherever the tape was applied. I had to sand all these down. Also, the tape did not always stay adhered tightly to the foam. This allowed some of the sawdust mixture to run down into the gap unseen. This excess texture that was now down between the maps had to be removed as well.

In contrast, the north edge of the map where I did not add tape because no other pieces were joining there was fine. My casual freehand techniques made for a nice clean edge with no upraised walls or drips down the side.

Lesson learned. No more tape for me when applying texture, at least not for this purpose.


After I sanded the peaks down, I added regular clay cat litter at the bases of my terrain transitions and around my foundations. I used the technique described in this post about wetting with alcohol before adding dilute PVA that is part of my Jungle Maps thread.

Since the process is described well in the above post, I did not take any WIP pics of this step on this set of maps.

Here is one pic of everything "littered" up and drying. You may note the small fan exhausting air out under the partially upraised garage door in the right of the background. This much isopropyl alcohol starts to make my eyes water as it all evaporates if I do not vent the space.

Now my garage smells like a doctor's office.   Big Grin

[Image: 15816074387_e1236debf1_o.jpg]


When this all dries the next step if to spray down a layer of paint. I am really looking forward to how this all looks when it is a single color.  Big Grin

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