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Help with winter stones/rocks
Hi all - I stumbled across this forum from youtube, watching someone called The Terrain Wench...

I'm starting a WW2 diorama based on the Battle of the Bulge, December 1944, and the Ardennes Forest. I'm hoping to include lots of pine trees, a road for two tanks to travel, lots of snow, etc. The snow and trees I did purchase from Woodland Scenics but I am thinking of making 'bottle brush' trees by hand because the trees I purchased are so green and 'new' looking, and somehow the scale doesn't seem right...

Anyway, my question is - I just made some rocks from hydrocal today and they came out ok. What colors would I use to paint them to look realistic? Unfortunately I haven't found a lot online, other than yes there are lots of stones, boulders, and rocks in the Ardennes and they are mostly comprised of granite...

Would priming them with black primer then painting with several shades of gray, highlighted with browns sound right? These also will be tucked in and around the many pine trees and should have snow on them, but I want to make everything as realistic-looking as I can.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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