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Dang Teenagers!
I had a thought in my head to do a graveyard (I know, I know. How original.) Only I wanted to have it be the site of some teenagers up to no good on Halloween so it could be a little dorky or funny. I'm thinking there is definitely going to be some miniature things to add to the vibe like a chicken carcass (from the grocery store, OBVS.) Maybe some Morton's salt because DON'T YOU KNOW ALL GRAVEYARD TEENAGER DEMON MAGIC(K) NEEDS SALT. Potentially some rolls of toilet paper. But I also thought I might try to use it as an opportunity to explore some more autumny type flocks and colors and textures because everything I've done so far is green. And not that I"m hating on green nature (loves it, actually.) but why not the challenge?

I've been planning on getting around to it and I thought if I threw my chip in to the contest that would motivate me to get on it.
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