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I have posted some of my tabletop shire/township game play boards on the (terrain thread). Here are a few photos of the miniature figures who live in my shire. All of these are game play quality (NPC) characters and represent the more common (shire folk)...Hope you like/enjoy seeing/meeting them!

[Image: PINTEREST.002_zpsidxlnyqq.jpg]
[Image: PINTEREST.004_zpsefpdjcdj.jpg]
[Image: PINTEREST.006_zpssdftjlo1.jpg]
[Image: PINTEREST.007_zps7rfqyzu5.jpg]
[Image: PINTEREST.011_zpscriepqmt.jpg]
[Image: PINTEREST.014_zpsujqdngbg.jpg]
[Image: PINTEREST.008_zpsxxporcby.jpg]
[Image: PINTEREST.010_zpsxtahrxzl.jpg]
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