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Drallitoc builds Dracula's America.
So we have been playing Dracula's America for several months now. Slowly but surely adding terrain to my collection. Here are some of the things I have crafted so far:

The water tower (built because I wanted somewhere to put Sebastian Moran [my Sniper])
[Image: 25799608207_d30c117e19_c.jpg]

This was a laser cut MDF building that another player brought to the table... It's unpainted brown-ness mocked me for weeks - until I decided to paint it and re-tile the roof. 
[Image: 25799608237_765f183c45_c.jpg]

Another player had an idea for a scenario that required a paddock for horses. Some plastic sprue cuttings, poly cement and paint:
[Image: 38974228490_d092dd1b0d_c.jpg]

I had a complicated idea for how the gate would be hinged but wound up doing something much simpler as time ran out: 
[Image: 38859958880_900d9a855f_c.jpg]

This is an outhouse... Everyone needs somewhere to go! 
[Image: 39960512854_da543da16d_c.jpg]

It makes a good lean-to as well. 
[Image: 38859960370_372835683f_c.jpg]

Here is another thing I threw together in under an hour. Some kind of animal shelter... 
[Image: 40628294982_995dcda835_c.jpg]

Question, comment, criticize. 
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