[Image: vkWFv3z.jpg]

So here we have a some more of the construction process. Adding details internally, adding the blue paste for sand/dirt texturing and also to help hide and seal in those exposed foam edges. This stuff has been a legendary piece of my arsenal for 2 years now and I don't know what I'd do without it!

[Image: HPORgRW.jpg]

Here we have a wider shot of everything going on the gun compartment is mostly done but the crane is still needing construction at this stage I believe.

The customer wanted to initially have some dunes in the sand but we did end up scrapping that as they were more comfortable with rubble and wrecked pieces of ship instead to help tie into their armies basing.

[Image: 3hEkLl1.jpg]

A nice simple internal shot. Straws, MDF offcuts, cardboard cuts. Anything I can think of to detail the internals was used. Super happy with how these random elements all came together.
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