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[Image: jYL5nNN.jpg]

This was a display board commission given to me due for a June delivery and we had about 2-3 weeks to get it going. I was really pumped at the idea of building a broken space hulk and although the hex design of the base-board was really cool, it presented of course a few challenges too.

I may have to upload some later, but I have a little sketch book filled with ideas for tables, at the moment I probably have a lifetime work of boards in there ready to go with no time to actually make them all. I'm actually going to take this year off full time commissions and concentrate on projects for me (that I will later turn around for some light profit).

[Image: m1gst2J.jpg]

A quick little sketch for myself and the customer to explore some of the ideas present I wanted to show with this build.

I wanted to have a cannon from the instant I was approached and had the tools and vision to automatically figure it out.

I wanted the ship to appear as though it had been there quite a while, the sunken appearance gauged by the angle at which it declines into the board and also the amount of sand that has worked its way into the exposed areas of the ship.

I will slowly start to add to this thread with WIP photos in the reverse to normal way.

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