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So I want to start with an overview of materials to make sure I'm on the right track.

The base will be a CD sized circle of foam board
Vegetation will be mostly woodland scenic stuff
A few rocks from outside my house
Some smaller aquarium rocks from the pet store

I am using a reaper bones figure for scale reference but it will not be in the finished piece.

I guess I need to learn how to add pictures still.
I want to start my WIP but sill don't see how to add photos.
(05-07-2017, 03:34 PM)locomoticopter Wrote: I want to start my WIP but sill don't see how to add photos.

To add photos to a post here you must first upload the photos to a photo hosting site like Photobucket or Imgur or whatever. Once they're uploaded, copy the appropriate link and come back here to your thread.

Start typing up your post and when you're ready to insert a photo, click on the 'add photo' icon in the bar right above the text entry block. It should look something like a little Polaroid photo with a green dot with a + sign in it, right in the middle of the bar. Once you click the icon a box will pop up asking for the URL you copied from your photo host. Paste the URL in and click OK and your image URL will be inserted between two IMG tags wherever you left your cursor in the text. After you do this you can use the Preview Post button below the text entry box to see how it looks. A little practice and a little editing will get you up to speed on this process pretty quickly!

Give it a try; we want to see what you're making!
OK I figured out my problem. As I suspected it was because I was on a mobile device and the buttons didn't show up

So here are most of my materials 
[Image: 3fzKB5]

* Edit looks like that didn't work either *

Maybe a link instead

In the picture you will see most of the materials I used.
Foam board cut to the size of a CD
Various Woodland Scenic products
A common rock from outside
A Reaper brand Bones series miniature for scale reference which will not be in the final design

Also not pictured
Various sand products from craft stores
So before I get too deep into my WIP and this contest I wanted to get feed back on the acceptability of an abandoned campfire in my scene. Here you will see a basic layout without flocking and other natural features.

And a sneak peak of a rough draft work. I am just not sure if the abandoned fire ring is too far in the man made direction.
I think it looks good so far. And while the fire ring is man-made, it's made of unaltered natural materials. I like where you're going with it.
Looks great so far! When I get a moment I will help you out with the picture posting. 
(05-10-2017, 08:02 AM)SethDrallitoc Wrote: Looks great so far! When I get a moment I will help you out with the picture posting. 

Thank you. Maybe a picture posting thread is in order somewhere in the forum. Or maybe there is one and I haven't found it.
You are using Flickr I see so :

When you see you pictures on flickr you have a screen like this:
[Image: 34187330790_44523fb8cb_c.jpg]

You need to hit the share button - the arrow in the centre of this group: [Image: 34187330840_fc2d837ab7.jpg]

That will bring up this window. Make sure you are set to BBCode and set the size to something reasonable 800x600 is ideal for a landscape image.
[Image: 34187330900_6c485252d3_z.jpg]

Copy the code and paste it in your reply thread.
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Ok here we go with WIP.

[Image: 33673487384_c03fd45599_c.jpg]

Here are my basic materials. The foam circle is the size of a CD. I used various Woodland Scenics products, hot glue, clear caulking, and rocks.


[Image: 34474472026_20cc000990_c.jpg]

My fire ring started out with aquarium rocks glued to a circle of paper that I estimated to be the correct size.


[Image: 34130210460_5c9f924708_c.jpg]WIP All natural (well mostly by locomoti-copter mechanic, on Flickr

I gave the white paper a coat of black paint.


[Image: 34385424651_9ae24a85a0_c.jpg]

I added sort of a medium grit sand and painted it black.


[Image: 33673421454_913a09e55d_c.jpg]

I sprinkled some black sand that was a little more coarse to add sort of charred looking rocks.


[Image: 34385424601_c889bdd23f_c.jpg]

I finished off my abandoned fire ring with some chunks of small wooden dowel painted black

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