Ruined Hirstarts Tower
Okay, I know it's just three days to go and I know, that I last entered something into the competition like two or three years ago, but I'm very intrigued building a ruined fieldstone hirstarts tower. I have already cast some pieces and will do some more tomorrow, maybe I will make it in time.

The tower itself will be round and resemble the lord of the rings watchtower where Frodo gets stabbed by some ring. This is the original model from the hirstarts project page. I will not tweak the final build very much:

[Image: ruin049.jpg]

Pictures of my build will be posted later on.
So I found all pieces neat and ready to build the different parts of the tower. The guide on Bruce (the creator of the fabulous hirstarts molds) website is perfect and leaves no question open. I finally spraypainted everything black. Tomorrow I will finish the paintjob and hopefully add some more details.

I'm still not sure whether to add a base to the whole thing or leave it as it is, cause if you add a base, you define the terrain type of the piece. If there is snow on the piece, you can't use it in a jungle scenario. But the base is a great possibility to add more details. We'll see how much time we'll have until the deadline tomorrow.

[Image: img_0323.jpg]
Okay, this was a really fast one.

I drybrushed the whole thing with grey colour and then with white. After letting it dry I glued different kind of yellowish static grass into the cracks and on the walls. That's all for the wheathering.

As there are just 4 hours to go, I declare this piece finished and here come the pictures. All the miniatures in the picture are from Reaper Bones and their scale is 28mm.

[Image: img_0330.jpg]

[Image: img_0331.jpg]

[Image: img_0332.jpg]

[Image: img_0333.jpg]

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