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Hi. Taking up on the suggestion by Reid, I'm starting this general entry comment thread. Allthough only two of the six projects finished on time, both Catdancer and Vampyrevenom are worty contestants.

Then on to the criticism...

Photo: Vampyr; good idea with the white backround, but please loose the blitz. Instead conscript a couple of lamps or some indirect daylight. You might've cropped your first image better too. Cat; The images are crisp and ligthening is fine, but you might want to switch to a more neutral colour background as it might interfere with the colour settings on your camera. But all in all both entries had nice and clear photos.

Paintjob: Vampyr; nice freehande paintjob on the visible tree rings on top. You added a (heavy) drybrush to the brown trunk and did some nice detailing. However, a few dark washes would have sealed up (some more of) those white cracks made even more visible by the use of blitz. Cat; Nicely detailed yet seemingly somewhat flat paintjob, but I take it that is down to the cartoony feel you're going for. The detailing is great.

Flock: Flock is a form of textured paint imo, and can be used by the same rules with shading and contrasting. Cat, you seem to be deliberate in your placement of the different kinds of flock. You could blend in the differend kinds a bit more, but again I guess that's contrary to the cartoony look you're going for. The moss looks great! Vampyr; I'm glad you chose a varied kind of grass, but you could still break it up a bit more by mixing in other kinds of woodland scatter. The snow flock is too random to work for me. It could've been put to better use on a layer of white paint or excluded alltogether.

Modelling: Vampyr; extra credits for not using any premade stuff. The overall design is cool, while you could've added even more texture to the bark. The accidental cracks turned out to work just fine. Cat; Nice texture on the gluttonous plant, the now invisible wall looks good and the 'shrooms are great!

Playability (not that it matters): Vampyr; can be used as a hill feature, but some issues with access. Cat; none - this is solely a diorama.

Great work both of you, and good luck when woting commence.
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Great work from both contestants

Catdancer: The profusion of different flora/fungus types on this piece is both impressive and distracting. I hate to say it but it's almost too colorful! Ditto havre's comments about the cartoony style - I think it's what you were going for here, and in that you succeeded very well. The sideways eye on the big carnivorous plant weirds me out - I can't decide whether I like it or not. That's probably a good thing.  Smile  The overall composition is very balanced, but perhaps the biggest detraction for me is that the piece is straight-up not playable as wargaming terrain.

Vampyrevenom: I really like your concept, and the detail in your little fungi around the stump (especially the little red and black ones) is great. I just wish you'd have applied the same attention to detail to the pink shelf fungus, as it looks kind of flat. Great freehand work on the exposed tree-rings, though, those came out really nicely. In terms of your flocking, one of the things I've noticed is that green static grass applied to a surface that has been painted brown often produces results that look kind of unnatural, which I think has to do with tricks of scale. You might be better off painting your surface a greenish color instead of brown prior to applying your static grass. Finally, havre's comments about photography are good ones - pictures in diffuse (natural is best!) light with no flash will usually give you much better results. As terrain, this would make a great centerpiece or objective for a game - I can just imagine two heroes duking it out atop the stump for sole possession of whatever eldritch magic lies within!

Congrats again to both contestants!
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Thought I'd throw in my two cents, even though I'm not very good at criticism  Big Grin

Catdancer: I'm not fond of the cartoony style of the piece, I find the mushrooms a bit distracting and some look like they're covered in googly eyes. However, I do like the moss and vines, they have been done very well.

Vampyrevenom (me): This is more of an explanation than criticism being my own piece, one of my better pieces I think. The flat mushrooms were blended, but I think I needed a greater difference in colour for it to really be visible. The flock, I would have liked to mix it up a little (not too much this is Athel Loren) but don't have a lot of materials to work with and a lack of funds prevented buying new stuff, hopefully I can work something out for my armies on parade board  Smile . The snow fits with the theme of my Wood Elves, as would the bluebells if they didn't make the piece overcrowded (and if I actually managed to work out how to make the flowers, suggestions welcomed and needed as they're an important part of my board and basing of the models) the theme being early spring with a bit of patchy snow and the most prominent colour in the woods being the bluebells.

Like I said, I'm not good at criticism, although I am more critical of my own work than other people (more so to myself than anyone else)

Finally, Catdancer Meow me-e-ow (good luck Big Grin )
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Vampyre Venom
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Congratulations to both contestants for finishing their entries. Both are unique and visually interesting.

Catdancer: I am a big fan of the varied vegetation. I like when a piece incorporates a lot of different plant types and colors. Your entry has a very whimsical feel to it. The leprechaun is very well painted, as well. I think it is a piece best viewed from a distance where the colors can kind of blend together. Up close it seems a little riotous and chaotic, but then again perhaps that is the way a whimsical leprechaun showpiece should look. As a diorama, though, I wonder if the way the objects are placed doesn't give a good focus. For instance, either the monster, or the leprechaun and his pot seem like they should be centered, as it is my first attention is drawn to the purple flower. Only a minor criticism, though, it would definitely be a conversation starter in any room.

Vampyrevenom: I love the shape of the stump and roots. It looks amazing. Also it seems like it will be a very playable game piece. I know, like you said in the WIP thread, a lot of the imperfections are hard to see with the naked eye, but I think large pieces like this often benefit from some thinned washes during painting to fill the cracks in, at least to blend the color a bit. That said, the colors look good and I don't think I would have been patient enough to make the rings look that good. I agree with Munin in general about the paint color under the static grass, although it does depend what you are going for. I'll often put down a brown paint with fine greenish/brown flock directly on top of it and then the static grass. If you're putting the static grass directly on the paint and want a "green grass" feel, then a green would probably work better. On the other hand, if you're going for a more boggy feel, then the brown might be appropriate. It feels a little odd on the eyes if you're expecting a green field type look, but a muddy, boggy area would have a lot more brown as a base color under the vegetation.

Great job, both of you, it was fun to see the final entries!

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