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Opposites - djmothra - 08-31-2016


The theme of the 11th competition is to make something that shows 2 different opposite adjectives!

Opposite Examples: Old/New, Ruined/Pristine, Under Construction/Finished, Natural/Man Made, Natural/Unnatural, Ancient/Futuristic.... really the list is endless!

Some example build ideas:
A Bridge that is being constructed or refurbished - half is done, the other half not yet.
Half of a building - one half fully functional the other half in ruins or bombed out.
A Modern Building (Stadium) next to a shanty town/ favela or shack.

No limits on base size or height.

Bonus points for having the Number 11 somewhere on the build!

Happy Crafting!

RE: Opposites - Blocky - 08-31-2016

This sounds pretty cool. I'm in. Already have my idea.

RE: Opposites - SethDrallitoc - 08-31-2016

I'm in!


I will have to come up with something.

RE: Opposites - pendrake - 09-03-2016

I am usually spoiled for ideas for these but not so well provided with time.

This time the ideas are scarce on the ground. Huh


RE: Opposites - djmothra - 09-03-2016

Wet vs Dry would work!

RE: Opposites - pendrake - 09-04-2016

(09-03-2016, 09:26 PM)djmothra Wrote: Wet vs Dry would work!

If I tried doing an island...
  • With a plasticard base that was clear but painted to look like water, shallows, reef. 
  • But in the middle beach sand, hills, rocks, trees, etc. built atop the plastic. 

RE: Opposites - ClockworkOrange - 09-04-2016

Hmmm I want to complete / build a new long canal section for my necroboard.

Would some kind of complete section, with a ruined leaking section be acceptable?

RE: Opposites - MellyMonkey - 09-04-2016

Hhhhmm, the instant I read the ancient/futuristic example my mind immediately came up with an idea... I might need to jump on this one, too. Smile

RE: Opposites - djmothra - 09-04-2016

CWO - sounds acceptable.

Melly, glad you can join us Boss Smile

RE: Opposites - ClockworkOrange - 09-05-2016



Plans changed slightly now to a new and old bridge on a canal section.