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RE: Old Advertising Billboard - ableman33 - 06-22-2016


I really enjoy the creativity of this piece. It's a functioning billboard at scale size. Big Grin

The billboard itself is well done with nice weathering to the materials and pleasant little details (like the cacti and other plants) on the base.

What I am most impressed with is your ability to make so many diverse signs have the same overall look. The way you have created a set of images from such diverse source material that then have matching color palettes and era of art styles is amazing. A few of the posters don't look as weathered as the others, but most have a wonderful balance of dusty aged effects and legibility. And the flexibility of built in magnets makes changing the posters out a breeze, as well as leaving open the option of adding to your poster selection later. (Imagine creating event-specific posters as a surprise the to players. Smile)

You really captured the fun of hidden Easter egg style detail with this piece. I feel like I've stepped into a video game and come across a hidden joke from the developers. This piece will really help sell the tone of the board it is on.

As far as things that could be improved, I already mentioned that the weathering on some of the posters doesn't match that of the others. Of the pics in your final entry, I particularly like the look of the weathering in the four posters in the last image the best (marines, bra, sea, Phillips). These really seem to capture for me the sun fading of era-appropriate inks/colors with the kind of accumulated dust and wind-caused raggedness I would expect from being in a Nevada-style desert setting. Compared to those, posters like the ED-209 and Mortote seem too new. Your own skill sets a high bar for the rest of your work. Big Grin

All that said, I really like this piece and would love to see it incorporated into a whole board of similar pieces created by you. This project has me wanting to run a post-apocalyptic desert campaign now. Smile

Thank you for entering this contest and sharing your WIP with us. Best of luck to you! Big Grin

RE: Old Advertising Billboard - BlueMeander - 06-23-2016

I don't think there's anything more I can add to this for final comments. I really love the whole thing. It's so cute and the function is great. The pictures are all complementary and spot on for kitschy retro imagery. I have no critiques either, I just think it's so cool. : )

RE: Old Advertising Billboard - Blocky - 06-28-2016

This turned out really well and obviously fits your gaming system well. I like the magnets and interchangability of the actual billboards. The small details fit well without overshadowing the rest of it. Well done... I would like to see some photos at some stage of all your terrain set up for games just to see it all together.