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My kid's terrain! AWWWW - BlueMeander - 10-07-2015

My kid asked to make a Halloween terrain and it was SO CUTE Y'ALL! They used some foam core board stuff that I had cut and started stonework on to be a mausoleum and then axed it because I didn't want it that small. The kid took over and made up their own plan and I taught them some painting tips and we went through the steps and they made the CUTEST DARN LITTLE THING OMG. My kid even came up with the idea for a rainy cloud! It's so cute! 

I did the dangerous hot glue parts cause the kiddo is only six. But awwwwww.... bonding. : D So fun! There was even a little ghost inside the house! 

[Image: IMG_2371.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2372.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2373.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2375.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2376.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2377.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2378.jpg]

[Image: 12109305_10203393240310612_5834915327875911171_n.jpg]

OMG these pics are giant! x.....x oops

RE: My kid's terrain! AWWWW - Vet Sgt - 10-09-2015

That is impressive work for a six year old, most at that age won’t sit long enough to finish a project like that! Hopefully she enjoyed it enough to keep up the hobby.

RE: My kid's terrain! AWWWW - pendrake - 10-09-2015

Encourage her to think about building a couple of things for Christmas?

RE: My kid's terrain! AWWWW - MellyMonkey - 10-09-2015

That rain cloud is genius! Big Grin Well done, little one.

RE: My kid's terrain! AWWWW - extraevildave - 10-11-2015

Yesss, indoctrinate them young, oh and nicely done too  Big Grin .

RE: My kid's terrain! AWWWW - BlueMeander - 06-15-2016

Aw, I never said anything back here to the people who commented. I came back to this post actually because my kid has been jealous of me doing the terrain competition and wanted to join too. They're still super into terrain making <3 I foresee us sharing a hobby as they get older!

RE: My kid's terrain! AWWWW - ableman33 - 06-15-2016

I can't believe I missed this post the first time around.

As a teacher, I approve of this activity and shared experience, and we welcome children participation in competitions and all aspects of this site so let them share their work.

As a terrain builder, I like the way the simple elements are combined and executed into such a nice little package. And I love that rain cloud.

As a human,... AWWWW! Big Grin

RE: My kid's terrain! AWWWW - BlueMeander - 06-16-2016

haha : D

RE: My kid's terrain! AWWWW - Munin - 06-20-2016

Yeah, the rain-cloud is fantastic. What a great detail!

My oldest son (now 5) likes to occasionally help daddy with his terrain "projects," and has recently expressed an interest in painting miniatures as well. Fingers crossed, hopefully he'll stick with it!

RE: My kid's terrain! AWWWW - BlueMeander - 06-20-2016

Yeah!! I hope so! : ) That'd be cool. You could post some here. We could have a kid thread. XD

My kid just poured resin for the first time. They were making a little Yoshi's Wooly World themed terrain and sculpted a polymer clay Yoshi. So cute when they do creative stuff.